The Broncos are one of the most storied franchises of the NFL. The franchise has lost and won its fair share of Superbowls and was home to several superstars and Hall of Famers. Anchored by a sharp front office, which includes iconic Bronco, John Elway, the Broncos look to add even more history to their franchise. Fans and gamblers alike take strong interest on how the Mile High club will progress.

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Keep up to date with the Broncos through the table below, which lists both future and previous games along with all the betting lines to help with your research. Home and away games are divided for reference.

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It’s vital to determine how the Broncos shape up with the rest of the division as the season progresses. Where they stand will likely affect how they play. Bookmark this page to view this table, which is updated to give you latest results from around the league. The table can be divided by division, conference or overall.

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Denver Broncos Betting

The Broncos didn’t make the playoffs for the first decade of their inception but have since been a playoff staple with the exception of a handful of seasons from the early 2010s. This goes back to their winning culture and their front office’s ability to attract high-end talent or make the most of their draft picks. This is why the Broncos are usually a “chalk” team in sports books (popular favourites).

To bet on the Broncos, access the money line portion of your bookmaker. From there, you will likely notice two types of numbers: a positive number and a negative number. The former indicates an underdog and the latter, the favourite. Betting on the underdog at +150 for instance means you profit $150 for a standard $100 bet while betting on the favourite at -175 means you need to stake $175 to win the $100.

Favourites are estimated by oddsmakers to be the likely winners hence why you need to spend more on them as the risk of your bet is considered smaller than an underdog bet. If laying the money straight up is too much for you, try playing the point spread, which makes it cheaper to bet on the Broncos with a certain condition: that they cover the points assigned to them.

If the Broncos have -4.5 as their spread, it means they have to win the game by 5 points or more. The -4.5 is subtracted from their final score and it needs to be higher than their opponents or the bet loses. Conversely, a +4.5 means the Broncos can lose by as much as 4 points. This number is added to their score and the bet cashes if it’s higher than the opponent’s. Learn the intricacies of the money line and point spread to gain a betting edge.