The AFC is the NFL’s winningest division, historically speaking. Each and every team in it has an all time winning record over .500. They have also sent an amazing 14 teams to the Super Bowl. The division is made up of four teams in the Denver Broncos, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Oakland Raiders, and the San Diego Chargers. Each of these teams took a turn at winning the division in the first four years of the NFL’s realignment: Oakland won in 2002, Kansas City won in 2003, San Diego won in 2004 and Denver won in 2005. [+]

The AFC West has been both the most difficult and the weakest division in the NFL in recent years, since the realignment. Starting in 2008, division winners have been getting into the playoffs with .500 or worse records in regular season play.

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AFC West Standings

Here is a look at the AFC West’s standings. Each team’s record and statistics are updated after every game.  


Best AFC West Betting Tips

Where do you start when betting on the AFC West? Great question.

Few divisions, as a whole, have produced such polar results over the years. Every team has achieved a level of success over the years and each team has won more games than they have lost, when looking at their lifetime records. However, recent trends have seen all 4 teams achieve poor or mediocre results. And mediocrity, or a record of .500 (or even slightly below) has been good enough to get you into the playoffs, representing the division.

It can be hard to predict the inter-division action, without any massive standout talent in the pool. So, choosing who to put your money on will take research into the week’s injury report, and how the match-ups are lining up. Home field advantage is no longer what it used to be for the storied fields of Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Arrowhead Stadium, Qualcomm Stadium and the Oakland Coliseum.

Come playoff time, the winner of the AFC West is likely to be the underdog to most any team they face from another division. If you feel good about picking one as an underdog, you can win some big time money with a well-placed and well-timed bet.