Once known as the Houston Oilers, this franchise relocated to Tennessee in 1997 and eventually became the Titans after getting their own stadium in 1999. They made their lone Superbowl appearance during this year where they narrowly lost to the legendary St. Louis Rams. They haven’t since come close to the same success however and struggle to put together winning seasons although Titans fans remain hopeful as should gamblers.

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The table below offers the most recent Titans betting lines directly sourced from the top sportsbooks. Keep up to date here as we continuously update the game results.

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Tennessee Titans Schedule

Once nomads, the Titans now play their games at the Nissan Stadium in Nashville where they generally fare slightly better than they do on the road. Using this widget, you get a look at their future games as well as results from their previous ones.

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Tennessee Titans Standings

Looking at where the Titans rank overall will give you a sense of their motivation level. If the Titans are still in the playoff hunt, they may be more inspired to win on a weekly basis. Bookmark this page to keep updated on how the Titans’ measure up to the rest of the division, conference and league overall. The widget lets you look at each separately.

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Tennessee Titans Betting

The Titans have been somewhat low-key as a team and this is mainly due to not being able to produce winning teams for a good part of the decade. A team lacking in identity or inspiration has gone through several front office changes and flamed out on picks but hope is looking a bit brighter with their recent acquisitions.

To bet on the Titans, you’ll have to look at the money line on your sportsbook. The odds on the Titans will manifest as either a minus to determine a favourite or a plus to determine an underdog. The minus and plus are indicators based off of a standard unit of $100 with the minus indicating the price and the plus indicating the payoff. So for example, -135 means $135 is required to win $100 while +115 means $115 is won when betting $100.

The odds are a rough guesstimate of what oddsmakers think the winning probability of the Titans are. The more likely they are estimated at winning the more you will have to risk and vice versa.

Prop bets are another way to bet on the Titans. Popular prop bets include betting on the Titans to win the division or win above a certain number of games. These generally occur before the season but some can be bet during the season depending on your book. The Titans may not appear like much but it’s usually the unsuspecting teams who turn out some profit especially if you are willing to do the research and take the risk.