As an expansion team from 1995, the Jaguars are one of the NFL’s youngest teams but have already enjoyed exciting playoff runs as early as their second season. Unfortunately, the Jaguars have suffered through rough seasons in recent years. New billionaire owner, Shahid Khan hopes to revitalize a franchise desperate for success. Shrewd gamblers take advantage of the Jags’ generally cheap prices on the betting lines.

Jacksonville Jaguars Odds Today

Check the widget below to get an updated look at the Jags’ current game and betting lines. The odds give you a live look at what the different sportsbooks are offering for the teams.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Schedule

Bookmark this page to keep track of the Jags’ future games and past results. You can revisit the odds from past games to suit your research purposes. Also note being able to look at their home games and away games separately with this widget.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Standings

Division games are usually the most impactful games mainly due to the rule that the winner automatically gets a playoff berth regardless of record. Even when they are struggling, the Jags may still have a shot at the postseason depending on their standing in the division. Use the table below to keep track of how the Jags are doing overall.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Betting

You can bet on the NFL via a lot of different ways and they’re mainly dependent on what your sportsbook offers. The bread-and-butter of gambling is the money line where you will pick a team to win, straight-up.

While simple in theory, the betting odds makes that proposition a bit trickier. A favourite will be lined at minus number indicating a heftier price. For example, if the Jags are -140, it requires a bet of $140 to win $100. But if the Jags are +155, they are underdogs and $155 will be won on a bet of $100. The system comes from a base of a hypothetical $100 bet and the minus indicates the price you pay while the plus indicates the money you win.

If you’re really not into betting the Jaguars straight up, the point spread might be a more enticing choice. What this essentially does is even the lines for both favourites and underdogs by spotting each team a certain number of points. A -3.5 means the Jaguars have to win by 4 or more points for the bet to cash but a +3.5 means they can lose by up to 3 points. You take number and add or subtract them from their final score.

Though they are enduring tough times, the Jaguars finally have the financial backing to make some splashes in the league. It’s all a matter of assembling the right management and pieces on the field. As the saying goes, “every dog has its day” and the Jags might be returning to their glory years sooner rather than later. Here’s hoping.