The Colts have been one of the NFL’s most successful franchises despite the controversial move away from Baltimore. Formerly home to two of the greatest quarterbacks in Johnny Unitas and Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis fans are spoiled by strong play in the middle, something their present team hopes to mimic as long as possible. Betting lines are generally in favour of the Colts but are not exactly the most stable.

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Get the latest on the Colts’ next game here. We offer info on the odds, game time and update the scores live. Please confirm the odds with your favourite sportsbook before betting.

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Betting lines on the Colts change as the season progresses. When the Colts hit a cold streak or hot streak, it’s worth keeping track of and with this nifty widget you’ll be able to do so easily. The widget divides home and away games for your convenience.

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Along with the schedule, it’s also important to track where the Colts stand as the season unfolds. Pay close attention to the division and/or conference with the widget below. The offensive and defensive efficiency of all the teams are also tracked with the + (points for) and – (points against) categories.

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The Colts embody the reason why it is paramount to have a good quarterback in the NFL. For many seasons, the likes of Peyton Manning and Johnny Unitas carried the Colts’ teams on their back all the way to glory. Now Andrew Luck will try to do the same but it takes more than just a good quarterback to take a team to the promised land although it definitely makes up for the lack of other personnel.

So long as the Colts have a solid QB they will remain competitive especially in their division, the AFC South, which doesn’t really boast the strongest teams. The Colts are usually in the race to win the division and/or make the playoffs and they tend to be a good team to bet on for affordable prices.

Betting on the Colts usually takes place on the money line where their odds manifest as either a minus number or plus number. As a minus number, the Colts are favourites and you need to spend more to win less. At a number like -150, a $150 bet is required to make $100. But should they be underdogs, they will have a plus number like +135 indicating that $135 will be won on a bet of $100.

The odds are a rough translation of the Colts’ winning probability. If you diligently do the research (using this page as help) you may be able to take advantage of betting opportunities like if the Colts are better than their odds indicate. Keep updated on the Colts’ progress and try different forms of betting available on your sportsbook.