Founded in 2002, the Texans are the youngest franchise in the NFL. They are the second team for the city of Houston after their original team, the Oilers, departed for Tennessee to become the Titans in 1996. The Texans started out rough like most expansion teams but have finally found success as of late. No longer the doormats of the AFC South, fans and gamblers alike flock to the Texans in hopes of witnessing the start of long-term success.

Houston Texans Odds Today

Find the latest betting odds on the Texans below. Also given are details on their next game, where it is played and what time it starts. We update this tracker frequently so check back.

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Houston Texans Schedule

Listed in the widget below is the Texans’ ongoing schedule. Future games are listed along with results of previous ones. The Texans play at NRG Stadium for their home games and it’s key to keep track on how well they do both as a host or a guest.

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Houston Texans Standings

Keeping up to date with the Texans’ season is made simpler with this standings widget. You can browse through conference, division or overall league standings. Make note of the how the division shakes up as the AFC South has been quite unpredictable as of late.

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Houston Texans Betting

The Texans were once a popular underdog bet as a floundering new franchise but thanks to a few playoff appearances and superstar players they are starting to get more respect from oddsmakers and they are trending upwards overall.

As an underdog, the Texans will have a money line resembling something like +250. This indicates a profit of $250 will be had on a standard wager of $100. But if the Texans are -250, it means a wager of $250 is required to profit $100. The odds are a rough estimate of the winning probability of the Texans. A higher minus number means a higher probability of winning while a higher plus numbers a higher probability of losing.

If betting on the Texans straight up is too dicey for you, try your hand at the over/unders or totals. The over/unders will show a predicted total score between both the Texans and their opponent at something like 50.5. You decide to bet if you think the combined score will be higher (over) or lower (under). The outcome of the game is irrelevant. This can become a staple bet for you depending how well you know the Texans’ offense and defense.

Betting takes place in sportsbooks and they all offer different types of bets and prices. As the Texans continue to rise in popularity, so will their betting prices. Be sure to keep checking with us for all the latest notes and information.