The AFC South is the NFL’s “youngest” division. It was created in 2002, and it is mainly comprised of the league’s youngest teams, with the Jacksonville Jaguars being founded in 1995, the Titans relocating from Houston and changing their name to the Titans through 1997-1999, and the Houston Texans debuting in 2002. The only “old school” team is the Colts, who have been around since the 50s, in one form or another. As a result, the AFC south doesn’t quite have the storied tradition of the other divisions in the NFL. [+]

The Colts hold the only Super Bowl win for the AFC South, from their 2006 win. The AFC South also has the dubious honour of the longest active Super Bowl victory drought. 

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Best AFC South Betting Tips

This is not the division to bet on if you’re looking for a safe bet on the heavy favorite, in most cases. It’s rare these teams are powerhouses, and run roughshod over the rest of the league. 

This is a fascinating division to bet in, with a lot of potential to pick your bet, based on a game or match-up that you love. The home field advantage doesn’t actually translate into as many wins as it does elsewhere, so you can find the right game and win big. 

Carefully research the injury reports and check the latest trends. The best bets are made here with a mixture of homework and foresight. If you’re looking for safer action, you may want to bet against an AFC south team against one of the stronger teams from another division. Or, as always, if you think you know something nobody else does, bet on them upsetting a powerhouse. 

In recent years, the winner of the division has not faired particularly well in the playoffs, with no deep runs and only one Super Bowl win in the entire division’s history. If you’re betting come playoff time, keep this in mind. 

Following this division is always an adventure, with lots of potential to make some serious money with the well-placed bet.