The Steelers are the oldest AFC franchise and are better known as one of the NFL’s most iconic franchises being home to multiple Super Bowls, Hall of Famers and winning seasons. Steelers fans are spoiled with how consistently good the franchise has been. Known historically for their domineering defense, the Steelers have since turned to their offense to win games. They are a popular betting option despite usually being favourites.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Standings

The Steelers are perennial divisional champions but they play in arguably the most competitive division in the NFL. As such, it’s key to check the standings frequently to gain a sense of where the Steelers are heading. You can also view the Steelers’ rank from a league-wide perspective.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Betting

Typically, a solid betting option, the Steelers often have winning seasons and make the playoffs. Since the 1970s, they have been one of the pro sports’ most winningest franchises but because of this history they can be overestimated on the betting lines. Generally speaking, the Steelers are favourites and you’ll have to spend more for each bet on them.

As a favourite, a minus number like -300 will be common for the Steelers. This indicates you need to spend $300 to win $100. The Steelers are considered a very likely winner here thus the associated risk you are taking is smaller thus a higher betting price. But if the Steelers are underdogs, a plus number will appear like +200. This means $200 will be won on a $100 bet. Minus indicates the price you pay while plus indicates the profit you earn.

If you’re more confident on the Steelers than anything, you can try betting on props. A prop is a bet that deals with outcomes outside a straight up winner from the money line. You can bet on the Steelers to win the Superbowl before or during the season or when the playoffs start (if they make it in). A prop bet on them winning the division is also popular.

While franchises like the Steelers seem like easy bets to make, in the NFL, nothing is guaranteed and upsets happen often. Be sure to do your homework diligently and study the Steelers’ recent trends and results as well as their opponent’s before placing any bets.