As far as cursed franchises go, the Cleveland Browns are close to the top. Since being reestablished in 1999, the Browns have consistently turned in miserable seasons and have only made the playoffs once while their old team, now the Baltimore Ravens, have won a pair of Superbowls. Only the most diehard of Browns fans will even consider betting them to someday win it all but for everyone else, they are usually underdogs on the money line.

Cleveland Browns Odds Today

It may be a given the Browns will be underdogs but check the odds below to see which sportsbook offers the best price. Otherwise, this widget also keeps track of their latest game.

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Cleveland Browns Schedule

Track all the Browns’ game results and future games here. The widget separates their home games and away games and also includes the betting odds. It’s a wise idea to monitor how the betting odds for the Browns shift depending on their results.

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Cleveland Browns Standings

Despite being a constant underdog, the Browns still manage to assert themselves in the division and pull off the occasional upset. Keep track of how the Browns rank in the division or the conference here. Points for (+) and points against (-) are charted here as well.

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Cleveland Browns Betting

It seems pretty straightforward: don’t bet on a losing team. But often times the Browns can have lofty underdog prices, which may entice a gambler to take a stab at them to pull off an upset. Since 1999, the Browns have only had two winning seasons so it’s a tall order.

As an underdog on the money line, an initial bet on the Browns will return more money. A +400 line for example indicates a $100 bet returns $400. But if the Browns are favoured to win, the line will look something like -150 meaning in order to win $100, $150 needs to be spent. Plus indicates the money to be won while minus, the money to be spent on a standard $100 bet.

Since the Browns lose quite often, playing the point spread might be a better way to bet on them. A point spread returns less money than a straight-up underdog bet but gives more leeway. A spread of +7.5 for instance means the Browns are allowed to lose by up to 7 points but not more. The number is calculated by adding it to the final score of the Browns. So if the Browns lose to the Bengals 20-24 for instance, adding 7.5 means the Browns go up 27.5 over the Bengals. In the event the Browns do win, the bet still cashes.

Even their long suffering fanbase still holds out hope the Browns will finally assemble a respectable team capable of winning consistently. Until then, consider the Browns as the type of team you cannot generally rely on although history has proven even the most wretched franchises will eventually experience a resurgence. It’s only a question of ‘when’.