The Bengals have a dubious reputation of being a consistently underwhelming NFL team despite the many roster shakeups. Since establishment in the AFL in 1968 they have made two Superbowls but have since continuously flamed out of the early stages of the playoffs. Despite their playoff shortcomings, the Bengals do produce good teams and they can usually be found at inexpensive betting prices.

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You can keep track of the Bengals’ most recent betting lines with this widget, which is also live and gets updated as the games progress. Check with your sportsbook to confirm the odds.

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Paying close attention to how the Bengals’ season progresses is paramount to successful betting. This widget keeps track of how the Bengals are doing and can be divided into home and road games while having the betting lines for reference.

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It’s also important to keep track of how the standings shift during the season. Playing in a very competitive AFC North, the Bengals are usually in a dogfight throughout the whole year unless they are simply playing for pride in a lost season. In either case, this widget keeps track of it all.

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The only other team in the division that has had more rotten luck than the Bengals would be the Cleveland Browns. But as it stands, the Bengals have been known to disappoint both fans and gamblers who expect them to win when it matters most. The Bengals have consistently lost in the playoffs or during big games and a tidy profit can be made by betting against them in big spots.

Betting for or against the Bengals usually takes place on the money line, which manifests a team’s winning probability into an odds-based number that reads as a minus or plus. A minus number like -225 means the Bengals are favourites and a bet of $225 is needed to earn $100. But on the flipside, a positive number like +190 means a profit of $190 is earned when betting $100. The likelier a winner the Bengals are expected to be the more expensive they become.

Playing the point spread is an alternative to the money line. The spread allots a certain number of points for the Bengals to cover. A spread of -3.5 indicates they have to win by 4 or more points for the bet to cash. Winning by 3 or less is a lost bet. This is trickier to predict but also cheapens the line on the Bengals so they become a bit more affordable.

There are many factors that come into play when measuring the chance of success for the Bengals. Things like the weather, the game location (home or away) or the amount of rest they receive can heavily affect their performance. Studying their history and other statistics before laying money for or against them is a must.