The Ravens have a convoluted history in the NFL but were officially established in 1996 when the Cleveland Browns relocated to Baltimore. They are the city’s second NFL team following the Colts’ relocation to Indianapolis in 1983. Despite their short history, the team has created a winning culture with a pair of Superbowls and repeat trips to the postseason. The Ravens are a popular betting choice and can often be found at a reasonable price.

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If you’re looking for the latest updates on the Ravens’ games and betting odds, check the widget below. We are always live so keep checking to see how the game goes.

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Keep track of the Ravens’ season progress with the widget below. It tracks their previous games and results with the betting odds. You can also see the Ravens’ upcoming schedule whether they’re on the road or at home at the MT&T Bank Stadium.

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Keeping a close eye on the division and conference standings is a good way to analyze how tough the Ravens’ path to success is. This widget shows the overall standings with points for (+) and points against (-) to give you an idea how productive teams are.

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Betting Dependent on your sportsbook, you are afforded a bevy of betting options. The most popular will be betting on the money line, which is essentially picking a winning team based on their odds. These numbers are either negative or positive determining the favourite and underdog.

A solid team like the Ravens usually appear as a favourite. If they are -180 for example, it means a bet of $180 returns $100 in profit. But if they are +150 it means a profit of $150 is attained due to their underdog status. Minus lines indicate how much you have to pay and plus lines indicate how much you win on a standard $100 bet.

Betting on the Ravens to win the Superbowl is another type of bet to make known as a prop bet. This can be done before (and during) the regular season or before the playoffs start. A prop bet is a type of bet you make outside the direct outcome of a single game on the money line. Once the Superbowl is set, there are even more prop bets to play including what colour the “Gatorade bath” will be. Really.

Oddsmakers make adjustments on a team’s price on many variable factors such as recent winning or losing streaks, home or away record, types of field they play in etc. The Ravens have generally been a solid and consistent team backed by responsible management but a good team on paper doesn’t always equal success. Make sure you remain updated on the Ravens before making bets.