The NFL’s AFC North is the current home to the Baltimore Ravens, the Cincinnati Bengals, the Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers. It’s hard nosed and smashmouth teams have led to the north being called “The toughest division in football.” Interestingly, this is the only division in the AFC that does not contain a charter team from the original American Football League. The Steelers have had the most success, historically speaking with the most playoff appearances, AFC titles, Super Bowl appearances and wins.  [+]

However, the division has not sent a team to the Super Bowl since the Steelers’ 2005 win. The division’s only other Super Bowl win came 5 years prior, when the Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV.

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Best AFC North Betting Tips

Following this division is always an adventure, with lots of potential to make some serious money with the well-placed bet.

The north is not where you want to place your bet on if you’re looking for a safe heavy favorite. In most cases, the division is easily stacked and the #3 team could absolutely beat the #1 team-- particularly on their home field. 

In recent years, the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals have all had talented and comparable teams, which will all be playoff threats. The Browns have struggle to carve out their piece of the action, but never count them out completely. 

This is a fun division to bet in, and it still gives you the potential to pick your bet, based on a game or match-up that you love. Not surprisingly, the home field advantage doesn’t actually translate into as many wins or odds as it does elsewhere, so you can find the right game and win big.

Do your homework and go through the injury reports. The best bets are made here with a mixture of research and foresight. If you’re looking for an upset, you may want to pick an AFC North team beating a stronger team from another division.