The Jets gather a lot of public scrutiny even if they haven’t really done much after winning their lone Superbowl way back in 1968. The franchise endured long periods of losing but have at least started trending upward since the new millennium. But because they are a big market team, they tend to be overvalued overall so take their betting lines with a grain of salt. In betting, money line odds are a rough translation on a team’s winning probability. A minus line indicates a favourite and a plus line indicates an outsider. [+]

You can look up how to convert odds to winning probability and analyze yourself if these odds match just how good (or bad) you think a team is. This is when a betting opportunity to comes.

New York Jets Odds Today

Get the latest on the Jets with the widget below. We update the scores as the game goes so check back frequently. Betting lines, game location and other details are given below.

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New York Jets Schedule

The amount of rest a team gets is usual crucial on determining how they play. Check the schedule below to see if the Jets are playing a short week or getting a longer one and combine that with research on how well they do on either trend.

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New York Jets Standings

Check this widget below to see where the Jets rank in the division and conference. The points for (+) and points against (-) are a good way to separate the contenders from pretenders to see which teams are just getting by and which are really killing the comp.

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New York Jets Betting

Playing the money line, if you bet the favourite at -235 it means you have to spend $235 to win $100. If the Jets are +205 on the other hand, it means you win $205 on a bet of $100.

The system is designed to reward you more based on the amount of risk you are perceived to be taking. If the Jets are -235 it means the bookies think they have a very good chance at winning hence why you need to spend more to win less.

The Jets came to prominence way back in Superbowl III when Joe Namath led them to an improbable upset over the powerhouse Baltimore Colts. This is just one of many cases where an underdog can wreak havoc on the betting lines and the Jets faithful look to more cases where “Gang Green” can cause upsets.

If you share the same enthusiasm as the most hardcore of Jets fans, there are prop bets you can make including betting on the Jets to win the Superbowl even before the season starts. You can also bet on them to win the division. It isn’t recommended but crazier things have happened.