Since 2000, the Patriots have been by far and away the NFL franchise that the other 31 teams aspire to be like. They've been as dominant as an organization as it gets, making seven Super Bowls from 2000-2016 and always being a perennial playoff team that has a chance. HC Bill Belichick and QB Tom Brady have been the only two mainstays at field level for the Patriots during that time and the two of them have cemented their Hall of Fame careers. [+]

Everyone loves a winner though and NFL bettors can have a tough time with Patriots games because the point spreads tend to be shaded their way. It's just another example of how tough NFL betting can be.

New England Patriots Odds Today

To see who the Patriots have up next and the New England Patriots odds for that contest, check out the box below. It lists the moneyline odds for New England to win and provides a numerological value on how likely it is Brady and Belichick add another win to their respective resumes.

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New England Patriots Schedule

The Patriots have been so dominant this century that often times it doesn't matter much who's on their schedule next. But before you leave a stone unturned, keep track of the New England Patriots schedule below to help predict who their next victim will be.

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New England Patriots Standings

Finding the New England Patriots in the standings hasn't been too hard since Belichick and Brady came to town; they are usually at the top. Check out this year's standings below to see if that's the case again this season and study the key stats to make better bets.

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New England Patriots Betting

With 14 AFC East Division titles in the 16 years from 2001 through 2016, betting the Patriots on the moneyline each week could have made you quite a bit of money. The problem with that notion is the fact that Patriots odds are always shaded a touch because oddsmakers know New England is such a highly liked and respective team that they'll always receive a ton of action regardless of the number. 14 division crowns in 16 years definitely earns you that honor, but laying a lot of juice on a Patriots ML wager at the wrong time can be devastating to a betting account.

It's along those thought paths that makes betting on New England Patriots game a little tougher then most other teams. The Patriots are a heavy favourite to win their division seemingly every year and the extra point or two they lay on point spreads makes it tough to lay a number that's higher then it would be if it were any other NFL team. Kowing and expecting the same NFL franchise to be a winning program on a yearly basis is nice from a betting perspective, but figuring out the best way to use that assumption and attack betting lines on the Patriots makes things very hard.

Sportsbooks love to see the Patriots win outright but not cover the spread, but the pregame betting concept of grabbing underdog points with a team you don't believe has a good shot of winning the game outright is extremely tough to pull the trigger on. Essentially you are looking for a tight game and New England has shown time and time again through their 15 years of dominance that they have no problem blowing teams out as routine. New England Patriots games are always interesting to follow from a betting perspective and if you want to ride on the backs of their yearly success, laying steep juice on inflated ML odds is something you'll have to be willing to do.