The Bills rank up there as one of the most tortured pro sports franchises. They are most notorious for losing four straight Superbowls in the early 90s despite having multiple Hall of Famers and Pro Bowlers on the roster. The Bills have since been mired by clumsy front office management and haven’t come close to returning to the Superbowl in decades. As Bills fans continue to hold out hope, they gleefully wager on their team usually at an underdog price.

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Check out the next game for the Bills below. The opponent, location and betting lines are listed. Check with your favourite sportsbook to confirm the prices on the Bills.

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With a weekly schedule, it’s important to note if the Bills will be having a short week or an extended break depending if they play on a Thursday or Sunday or have a bye week. This page gives you access to where and when the Bills play.

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Buffalo Bills Standings

Pay close attention to where the Bills are in the division. This widget lets you know how driven the Bills are at winning if they have something to play for or are looking for next season. The team historically starts fast but slows down towards the end.

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Buffalo Bills Betting

The Bills are one of three teams in the state of New York but they are the smallest. Located at Orchard Park, the Bills have one of the most loyal fanbases but have had difficulties attracting coveted free agents or keeping superstar-caliber players. It’s a combination of playing in the cold wintery weather of upstate New York and the Bills having a tainted history of losing the big games (particularly the four straight Superbowls).

Betting on the Bills usually takes place on the money line where their value is manifested as either a favourite (with a minus number) or an underdog (with a plus number). As a favourite, you will have to spend more to win less.

A number like -150 indicates $150 has to be bet to make $100. This is because the Bills are expected to win the game so it is weighed as a lesser risk. But if a number of +135 shows it means $135 is won from a bet of $100. This signifies there is more risk in betting the Bills so the return on investment is greater.

If the money line is too intense for your liking, you can try the point spread. This allots a certain amount of points for the Bills to cover. A minus spread like -3.5 means the Bills have to win by 4 points or more. A plus spread like +2.5 means the Bills are can lose by up to 2 points. The returns on both spreads are usually even for the purpose of giving you an equal return regardless of the side you’re picking. Regardless, it goes without saying that you need to painstakingly research the Bills and their opponents before making any type of bet.s.