AFC East Betting Odds

The NFL’s AFC East Division is home to the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots and New York Jets. Overall, the conference has been home to eighteen Super Bowl teams and seven Super Bowl Winners. Most of that damage has been done by the New England Patriots, as they have won 18 division titles. Since 2001, when Tom Brady was paired with Bill Belichick, the Patriots have won twelve AFC East titles in 14 seasons. The winner of the AFC East often goes on to win the AFC and play in the Super Bowl. [+]

Mind you, most of that time it’s the Patriots. Over the years, the Bills have fielded some very competitive teams, but sadly had some infamous Super Bowl losses.

AFC East Odds Today

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AFC East Standings

Here are the current AFC East Standings. These statistics are up to date. Feel free to use them to plan your bets, or simply stay on top of this season’s NFL action so far. Find out who is on top, and who is struggling to score this season.


Best AFC East Betting Tips

Tom Brady’s stranglehold on the AFC East presents some interesting betting opportunities. Brady and Bill Belichick have run roughshod over their division rivals over the last 15 years, and their record proves it. So betting against them gives you a chance to score big on an underdog. 

However, the ARE the New England Patriots, and they are the favorites for a reason. Each year, they bring in top tier talent and light up the scoreboard, week after week. So only bet against them when you have a solid strategy in place. 

If you’re going to bet against them, you should pick a team with either stonewall defence that can frustrate the Pats, or a run-and-gun team that may actually outscore them. You will likely have less luck with a mediocre team that doesn’t excel at any one part of the game. 

If you’re going to bet on the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, or the New York Jets, do your homework. See who’s at home, who’s banged up with injuries, and who’s on a streak right now. The smart money is always betting the spread with the Patriots. But the less-predictable nature of the rest of the division leads to lots of entertaining football and interesting bets.