In North America, the NFL is the king of kings in the sports betting arena as the amount of action it generates at online sportsbooks is tremendous. From the beginning of September until the Super Bowl in early February, NFL betting dominates the airwaves in all forms. Professional or recreational bettor alike, everyone wants to get action down each Sunday during the season and everyone has an opinion on the upcoming games point spreads and totals. [+]

To be a good NFL bettor you’ve got to sift through all the good and bad information, do the homework, and back any sort of edge you’ve found on a given game.

NFL Odds Today

Look through the highly reputable online sportsbooks below to digest today’s NFL odds. Point spreads and totals are put up as quickly as possible by most sportsbooks these days. The recommended betting sites below offer some of the best numbers around on a weekly basis.

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NFL Standings

With only 16 games during the season, every single game each week means a tremendous amount in the NFL standings and one bad loss can destroy a team’s chances. Keep up with this year’s NFL standings below as it’s another important handicapping tool.


Best NFL Betting Tips

Becoming a successful NFL bettor can be a brutal grind that a lot of recreational NFL bettors who have had early success aren't always prepared for. The point spreads and totals released by oddsmakers are so sharp because they know one bad number on any NFL game could bury them, making winning as a bettor by exploiting "bad" numbers tougher.

In the end there is no right or wrong way to break down NFL games as long as long term success is had, but for those of you looking to take your pasttime of wagering on NFL games a little more serious, here are a few tips to watch out for each week.

For one, don't be afraid to use situational and scheduling spots to your advantage. Following ear. For example, good teams coming off a very tough or intense division rivalry game may not be at tthe NFL year and year will begin to show some patterns in situational spots that you can back year after yheir best the next week when they've got to travel across the country. Or a non-division game inbetween two divisional contests is known as a "sandwich" spot and can be a great time to bet against that team in the middle. Those are just some of the many situational angles bettors can apply to their analytical or statistical handicapping methods to find and edge and cash a ticket.

Secondly, don't be afraid to go against the grain or a significant majority in the NFL. Since NFL betting is the most popular by far at sportsbooks, they aren't in the business of giving away "free" money with bad point spreads on teams they know everyone loves to back. Las Vegas wasn't built on paying out tickets to anyone and everyone and going against the grain can work out tremendously when you correctly identify those spots.

When teams like New England, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Green Bay get or will get plenty of support on a given week, fading those heavily bet, highly popular teams on the point spread can put you essentially on the side of the books. Everyone knows the saying "the books always win in the long run," and isn't that what you're after when you take NFL betting seriously like a business?