After an action packed regular season across the summer and fall and two drama filled playoff weekends in chilly November, it’s time for Canadians from coast to coast to unite for the Grey Cup. The country’s football championship is rich in history and tradition. While match ups are renewals of decades long rivalries while some have laid dormant for few years, but whoever ends up in the game the whole country gets on board. With its three downs and larger field, the CFL plays a more wide open game with more chances to score. [+]

The result is usually far from a forgone conclusion until the final whistle. Whether it’s a team from the prairies or one from the big cities, there’s a fan base rewarded for its devotion. 

CFL Grey Cup Odds Today

The Grey Cup is Canada’s most talked about football game of the year with the predictions, analysis and, of course, bragging rights are cracked up to the max. We help you keep track of the betting action by providing all the top Grey Cup betting lines, spreads and props leading up to the big game with links to our top recommended bookmakers below. 

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The Grey Cup has grown from a single game in Toronto to a week long party in any one of the CFL’s nine cities, but it’s still east versus west for sixty minutes on the Sunday. Whether in the snow or under the dome the presentation of the Grey Cup remains one of Canada’s enduring sports memories every year. The rising TV numbers and parties held in households coast to coast make it seem like a national holiday. 

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    Best CFL Grey Cup Betting Tips

    Nine teams begin the season with one ultimate goal, the win the Grey Cup. Teams like Edmonton Eskimos give their fans a chance to celebrate on a regular basis while the Saskatchewan Roughriders have had recent success, but it is not nearly enough to appease their rabid fanbase. Whether it’s on offence, defence or special teams there are many ways to win the Grey Cup and every team is looking to find its edge over the rest of the league.

    Occasionally there is a home field advantage, but injuries and weather are among the intangibles that can factor into the game. So too can a missed field goal, a gutsy play call on fourth down or a mesmerizing catch adds to the drama.

    With all eyes on this one game there’s no shortage of options for bettors. Besides picking the winner or covering the spread, there are a growing number of prop bets made available. From who scores first, to the score after each quarter to the over/under on the number of sacks there is no shortage of choices to consider and they’re all right here.