Without the Toronto Argonauts and their years of success, the Canadian Football League would likely not exist. Fandom for the team has seen a small decline from their peak years, but they remain the cornerstone franchise of the CFL and recent changes in game location should help them return to the top. Whether or not Toronto is the beast of the East or having a down season, come here for the best Toronto Argonauts betting odds for every game throughout the entire season.  

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Toronto Argonauts Betting

The Toronto Argos existence predates the Grey Cup with the team being founded in 1873. Since the Grey Cup began in 1909, the Argos have been the most successful CFL franchise, winning the championship a record 16 times and appearing in the game on 22 separate occasions. The Argos have an interesting and long history. From their early success to a 31 year gap from between titles and the strange and interesting ownership by Wayne Gretzky and the late, great John Candy.

In 2016 the Argos moved out of the Rogers Centre and now call BMO Field home. The venue is smaller – with capacity of around 30,000 – but with sparse crowds in the Rogers Centre for years, the energy should return to Argos home games.   

Betting on the Argos can be a blast for both the rookie and experienced bettor. With Toronto’s rabid sports media, news and information on the team flows like a waterfall and is easily accessible. Since the market can often dictate the odds, bettors are best to follow the team closely and be ready to pounce on a good line before it shifts.

Bettors should be intrigued by how the Argos new home impacts their performance. The first few games will be important measurements in success, but it will realistically take a few seasons to better gage if the change to a smaller – but louder – environment benefits the Argos.

One last note to consider when betting on the Argos is quarterback play. The Argos have had plenty of successful quarterbacks in the past including Doug Flutie and Damon Allen, but – maybe it was the Rogers Centre’s turf – injuries have been a nagging issue for the franchise.