It was 2014 when the city of Ottawa regained a CFL franchise, this time settling on the name Redblacks. With the aid of competent ownership and a strong fan base, the Redblacks are looking to become a permanent fixture in the Ottawa’s sporting landscape and with a Grey Cup appearance in only their second season the future looks bright in Canada’s Capital. If Canada’s newest team strikes a chord, check here for the best Ottawa Redblacks betting odds.  

Ottawa Redblacks Odds Today

At home or on the road, against an Ontario Rival or a Western division foe, Ottawa Redblacks odds today are here and always up to date with links to the top CFL betting sites on the web. 

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Ottawa Redblacks Schedule

Below you will find Ottawa’s entire schedule for the year’s CFL season with the odds updating as the season progresses along. 

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Ottawa Redblacks Standings

Is Ottawa the beast of the East, or are they struggling to stay afloat? Check the standings below to find out and remain up-to-date on the entire CFL standings picture – throughout the season. 

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Ottawa Redblacks Betting

Canada’s Capital has been home to many previous CFL teams each with a differing level of success and appeal, but all lacking staying power. The Redblacks – the third Ottawa team to start with an R after the Rough Riders and Renegades – are poised to overcome that challenge and help develop Ottawa into a CFL city. In just their second season of existence, a scrappy group of underdogs willed their team all the way to the Grey Cup. Quick success is key for Ottawa maintaining its franchise and helping the CFL have a larger league with better competition.  

Betting on the Redblacks is new, since the team began existence in 2014. This means there is little historic data to help sway lines in one direction or another. The Redblacks in their inaugural season went a horrendous 2-16 but managed to their things around in their second season improving to 12-6 and losing their first Grey Cup by a score of 26-20.

The most important part of betting on the Redblacks is player health. If the Redblacks starting quarterback is injured watch the line move heavily in the other teams favour. What could have started at -125 for the Redblacks could quite possibly switch to a +140 due to the teams status and varying level of success.

Check the CFL schedule to make better bets. Outside of a few weeks in the season where a team will play on Wednesday and Monday, nearly every week of the year a team is on bye. Try and find favourable match-ups when Ottawa Redblacks comes off their bye week and have a healthy roster to make the best wagers.