It’s a Canadian Game, eh. It may get no attention from our American neighbours, but the CFL is beloved by Canadian sports fans and bettors. The CFL East division is made up of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the Montreal Alouettes, the Ottawa Redblacks and the Toronto Argonauts. Historically, the Argos have won the most titles, with 20 conference championships. The CFL’s East has seen a lot of changes over the years. It was originally founded in 1907 as part of the Interprovincial Rugby Football Union. [+]

They even included two American teams in the 90s, with the Shreveport Pirates and a team in Baltimore that would eventually be called the Stallions. When the American experiment failed, the Stallions would move north and find a new home as the Montreal Alouettes.

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CFL East Standings

Here’s a look at the current CFL East standings, including win-loss records and scoring stats.


Best CFL East Betting Tips

Betting on the CFL can be more fun than betting on the NFL. Particularly the Eastern conference. 

The game uses a bigger field, a much bigger end-zone, and a bigger ball. Each team is also limited to 3 downs, which really speeds up the action and encourages each team to be aggressive in trying to score. Most games will see a cumulative score upwards of 50 points.  

In the league’s current set-up, you don’t necessarily need to have a winning record to make the playoffs, with all but 3 teams making it to the playoffs. This means your team could be poised to knock off a heavily favoured team in the first round. 

People who love to bet the underdog are big fans of the CFL’s East. Betting the over-under is also extremely popular. And as always, most fans love betting on the league’s championship game, the Grey Cup, which pits the winner of the East vs the winner of the West. 

The best teams in the CFL’s East are likely to win upwards of 70% of their games, and most home games. At the other end, the worst teams may only win 3-4 games per season. As always picking, those games is an art form, and well placed underdog bets can win you a lot of money. 

Do your research and take a look at each team’s recent trends and injury report to make the most informed bet. You can also find long-term success in betting the over-under for each game.