The football season in Canada gets rolling June as the Canadian Football League begins its annual season. From the early days of summer until the Grey Cup in November, CFL betting odds are always available and better than ever. Check our links to the best site on the web for your CFL betting needs and enjoy the game even more than before. Canadian football in some ways is a unique game with its larger field, extra man and the addition of the rouge. [+]

A single point awarded to a team that kicks/punts the ball into the end zone and gets a touchback. Betting on the game is a little harder than on NFL and NCAA. But it is still a great game to watch and wager on. To help bettors unfamiliar with the game, some tips and advice can be found below.

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Canadians are known for being a polite and friendly, so to help keep them that way we provide the CFL betting odds today. Check for every available game right here.

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CFL Standings

The standings are a crucial part of any bettors game and with are great standings and statistics table below, bettors will always have it right at their fingertips before placing down their bets. 


Best CFL Betting Tips

Featuring only nine teams and an 18 game schedule, CFL opponents are quite familiar with each other. There is little surprise when playing a team for the third team in a season – or the fourth time in the playoffs. Keep track of matchup history and look at the player stats to see how teams are winning and make sure the key players from victories are not on the injury reserve. 

The schedule for the CFL is a set up in a different way than the other football leagues. Since there is an odd number of teams, every week a team has a bye – which is football lingo for a week off. Look for teams coming off of their bye week, playing opponents on short weeks (about 4 or 5 days between games) to gain an advantage when wagering. 

The CFL offseason features a lot of transactions – especially at the quarterback position. Make sure to check what players signed where before the season starts to see where all the top free agents landed and see if any of Canada's top players impressed themselves onto a NFL roster.

Lastly it is always important to follow team and player news. Injuries, where games are being played and weather will impact lines. As they say knowledge is power, and a smart, well researched bettor is more likely to find success when wagering on the Canadian Football League.