Football Betting Odds

Kicking off in June with the CFL and wrapping up with the Super Bowl in February, football offers a great season of wagering for the bettors of all sorts. Toss in some NCAA football from August to January and a sweet mixture of future prices and football betting becomes an exhilarating yearlong affair. Bookmark this site for the best football betting odds and links to top ranked bookmakers. Starting from the first coin flips in the preseason, running all the way to Super Bowl Sunday, our bookies have bonuses and special offers available.

Football Odds Today

Finding the best lines for upcoming football games has never been easier than now. With links to our top sportsbooks we have the top football betting odds today and for the entire season. 

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 25 December
FT Pittsburgh Steelers 34 - 6 Houston Texans -455 +325 Odds
FT Oakland Raiders 10 - 19 Philadelphia Eagles +350 -500 Odds
Sunday 31 December
Cleveland Browns 13:00 Pittsburgh Steelers +250 -278 Odds
Green Bay Packers 13:00 Detroit Lions +250 -278 Odds
Houston Texans 13:00 Indianapolis Colts +220 -233 Odds
Chicago Bears 13:00 Minnesota Vikings +500 -667 Odds
New York Jets 13:00 Patriots +850 -1250 Odds
Washington Redskins 13:00 New York Giants -169 +160 Odds
Dallas Cowboys 13:00 Philadelphia Eagles -145 +129 Odds
San Francisco 49ers 16:25 Los Angeles Rams -189 +175 Odds
Oakland Raiders 16:25 Chargers +285 -345 Odds
Kansas City Chiefs 16:25 Denver Broncos +190 -169 Odds
Arizona Cardinals 16:25 Seattle Seahawks +355 -385 Odds
Cincinnati Bengals 16:25 Baltimore Ravens +355 -417 Odds
Jaguars 16:25 Tennessee Titans +135 -143 Odds
New Orleans Saints 16:25 Buccaneers -294 +260 Odds
Carolina Panthers 16:25 Atlanta Falcons +165 -179 Odds
Buffalo Bills 16:25 Miami Dolphins -132 +115 Odds

Best Football Betting sites

Whether you are a first time bettor or a season veteran topping up your account, the links below will direct you to our best football betting sites and their freshest deals. Checking out each site can help a bettor pick and choose the best offers out there for their needs.  

Best Football Betting Tips

The biggest games, the loudest stadiums and the angriest fans. Football transcends sport and has evolved into a culture that defines many aspects of North American lifestyle. As football has become the king of the American sports landscape, betting on the sport is extremely popular and satisfying. Football is filled with money lines, spreads and over/under betting, but what really sets football aside from other sports is the amount of team and player prop wagering available. From games every week offering bettors dozens of props to the Super Bowl offering hundreds of different and unique betting options, props bets and football go together like movies and popcorn.

To be a successful bettor one must consider size of the spread, home field advantages and injury reports. Football, unlike the other major sports in North America, typically has a week gap between games. This allows for bettors to sink in extra time and thought into their wagers, which is one of the reasons why football is so popular to bet on.

The best part of every football season is the championship. Both the CFL and NFL play their championships on a neutral field – this means neither team has a home field advantage. The Super Bowl is quite possibly the most bet on event each year – and with up 500 prop bets in 2016 – it is easily the craziest. Make sure to check back regularly for betting lines, offers, previews and bonuses to help make your football wagering experience super!