The San Antonio Spurs has been the model of excellence not just in the NBA but in pro sports as they set various records for consecutive seasons of making the playoffs. Not only are they always in the playoffs but they have won NBA titles from different eras and there seems to be no slowing them down. Their success is almost a guarantee each season that they are almost a sure thing on the betting lines but are also priced at a premium.

San Antonio Spurs Odds Today

This is the Spurs’ next game along with their opponent, betting lines and date. The score is updated on the fly but be sure to check for any last minute game changes before betting.

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San Antonio Spurs Schedule

Check the Spurs’ progress with this schedule widget. You can look at the Spurs’ home and road games as well as the odds for all of them. The Spurs tend to be nearly unbeatable at home but as the year goes they tend to rest their starters so keep mind of that. 

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San Antonio Spurs Standings

This is the NBA standings overall divided by conference and division. Scope out where the Spurs rank not just in terms of wins and losses by points for (+) and points against (-). As a consistently elite team, many teams fold against the Spurs but also towards season’s end an upset could be possible if the Spurs are resting their stars.

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San Antonio Spurs Betting

The money line is the bread and butter of most sports books and provides a very simple and easy way to determine how much you can profit. Lines that have negative numbers are favourites (likely winners) and positive numbers indicate the underdog (likely losers).

Considering their history of dominance, the Spurs are more than likely the favourite in most matchups. It’s not uncommon to find a ridiculous line like -1500 for the Spurs on a weekly basis. This means you have to stake $1500 to win $100. But on the rare chance the Spurs are underdogs, they’ll have a number like +140 meaning a $100 bet returns $140.

Risking so much to win so little can have disastrous repercussions especially given the unpredictable nature of sports. An alternative to making a straight bet on the money line is playing the point spread. This system allots a certain amount of points for a team to cover to reduce the line to something more affordable. If the Spurs are listed at -14.5 for instance, it means they have to win the game by 15 points or more. If they win by 14 or less, the bet loses.

It's almost a given that the Spurs will win over 50 games and make the playoffs each season. So long as the front office keeps their systematic approach and discipline it’s hard to envision the Spurs having a massive drop-off even if their stars start to leave or decline. The Spurs are the closest thing to a sure bet in the NBA until something drastic happens.