New Orleans had their first team, the New Orleans Jazz in 1974 but had to relocate the team to Utah. They got their second franchise when the Charlotte Hornets relocated in 2002 but eventually had to create the Pelicans when the Hornets reclaimed their name in 2014. Due to their short history, the Pelicans are relatively new to the minds of gamblers but have been hitting it big in draft lotteries and could be a force in the future.

New Orleans Pelicans Odds Today

Check here for the latest Pelicans game. Included here are the constantly updated scoreboard, opponent and betting lines for both. Confirm the lines with your sportsbook. 

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New Orleans Pelicans Schedule

Listed here is the Pelicans’ schedule and results along with the odds for you to keep track of how the team does against certain matchups. Also pay attention to their home and away records as well as recent trends like winning streaks or back-to-back games.

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New Orleans Pelicans Standings

Check to see where the Pelicans rank among all of their peers. Keep track of the division section as the Pelicans face them the most. Depending how the Pelicans are doing, their motivation will be affected. If they’re not chasing a playoff spot, they may not be driven to win games so betting them might be a riskier proposition.

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New Orleans Pelicans Betting

You can bet on the NBA through many ways but the straight bet on the money line is one you’ll likely make. It’s essentially picking a winner of the game and wagering money based on their line.

Positive lines mean they return more than your initial bet and a negative line means you’ll get less in return. If you’re betting the Pelicans as a -120 that means they are favourites and you need to stake $120 to win $100. The chance of them winning is a bit over 50/50 hence why you need to bet more. On the flipside, if the Pelicans have +120 it means they are underdogs and if you risk $100 you win $120. The risk of them losing is greater than 50/50 hence why you get more for your wager to reflect this.

Once you get the hang of this you may want to try another type of bet. You can look for totals or over/unders. The strategy here is different because you’ll be deciding whether the total score of the game goes over or under the listed number. If the total is listed at 206.5, you choose whether the combined score of both teams go over or under 206.5. Being familiar with the offense and defense of the involved teams is necessary here.

As a new franchise, the Pelicans haven’t had a lot of chances to make an impact on the league and bettors will look at them tentatively until they do. They already have promising stars and will be adding more pieces. The Pelicans are a tough bet for the present but might be a stud in years to come. Otherwise, they can always be a sly underdog bet.