Since relocating from Vancouver, the Grizzlies have managed to find consistent success thanks in part to sharp management and a solid team play. Being from a small market, the Grizzlies have to consistently win and make themselves relevant to continually generate fan interest. On the betting lines, the Grizzlies can be found at reasonable prices despite being a solid team more often than not. 

Memphis Grizzlies Odds Today

This widget shows the latest Grizzlies game complete with updated score, opponent and betting line. Check regularly but check your sportsbook first before placing a wager.

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Memphis Grizzlies Schedule

Check here to find the latest on the Grizzlies’ NBA season. Upcoming games and previous results are all kept here with the betting lines. You can choose the home or away sections. Also take note of the frequency of the Grizzlies’ games as rest is paramount to a team’s success.

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Memphis Grizzlies Standings

This is the NBA standings. Check to see where the Grizzlies rank. Two key stats listed here are the points for (+) and points against (-) stats, which can be used to size out how good (or bad) a team is on offense or defense. It will become useful when making bets especially on totals (over/under). 

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Memphis Grizzlies Betting

Based on your sportsbook, you get a surplus of betting options but the one you’ll need to be most familiar with is the straight bet on the money line. What this essentially is picking the winner straight up. The lines manifest as either a minus line or a positive line signifying the favourite and underdog, respectively.

If the Grizzlies are a -300 for instance, it means you’ll have to bet $300 to win $100 basically have to bet three times more. It means the Grizzlies are really favoured to win hence why you need to bet more because the risk associated is slight. On the flipside, if the Grizzlies are +200 it means you double up your $100 to $200 if you win. But as an underdog it means oddsmakers expect them to lose more often than not.

Other types of bets you may take interest in are prop bets. These could be long-term predictions like if the Grizzlies are going to win a playoff series or if they’ll win the western conference or the championship even. The returns on these types of bets tend to be larger unless they are the favourite. Check with your sportsbook if they offer these betting options.

The Grizzlies are the type of team that perform better than what most think and it’s due to where they play and how they play. Playing in a small market their games are not often broadcast nationally and they don’t have many superstars. Their young history also means they haven’t had much chance to leave a legacy yet. But winning is all that matters and so long as they keep doing it they’ll be worth a bet especially at a cheap or underdog price.