The Rockets took full advantage of Michael Jordan’s departure from the NBA and won back-to-back titles on the back of superstar, Hakeem Olajuwon. Since then they have been perennial title contenders but have failed to make any major move. As of late they have been using analytics under Daryl Morey to mixed results although they trend upwards on the betting lines as a popular team. You can bet on any game in a wide array of formats but a straight bet on the money line is likely to be the type of bet you make the most. [+]

What this means if you’ll be looking at numbers like -150 or +255. These numbers indicate the favourite and underdog, respectively and you simply bet which team you think will win.

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Here is the next game for the Houston Rockets along with their opponent and betting lines. Please confirm with your favourite sportsbook before placing a bet.

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Houston Rockets Schedule

This widget keeps track of the Houston Rockets’ progress as the season continues. You can view both home and away games to get a better sense of how the Rockets are as a home or visiting team. The betting lines are also posted in each result.

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Houston Rockets Standings

As the NBA season goes, teams start to pull apart from each other. The playoff teams are on one end while the rest are playing for next year or to get a good pick in the lottery. Keep track of the standings to see what kind of motivation the team the Rockets are facing to get a betting edge.

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Houston Rockets Betting

Betting on the favourite at -150 means you have to stake $150 to win $100. The risk associated with the betting a favoured team is smaller hence why you need to spend more to make less. On the other hand, betting on the underdog at +255 means a $100 investment returns a $255 profit. Betting on a dog is higher risk hence why the return on your stake is greater.

The Rockets have historically fielded strong teams, year in and year out. Led by stars like James Harden, Yao Ming and the aforementioned Olajuwon, they are usually favourites on the betting lines. If the price on the Rockets is too steep for you, the point spread is another alternative.

Betting on a spread has closer to even odds in betting but the Rockets have to win within the set number. For instance, the spread is at -4.5. The Rockets have to cover 4.5 points so they have to win by 5 or more or the bet is lost.

With the analytics system, Morey is very statistics and numbers oriented in hopes of managing the team more efficiently. While theoretically it manages to get the Rockets the best players on a production by numbers level, it doesn’t always translate to on court success. Be sure to check the Rockets’ recent trends to see if they are living up to their betting lines.