The Mavericks have been in the NBA since 1980 but it was only when Mark Cuban took over the team in 2000 that they started becoming popular. Bringing in international talents like Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash to revitalize the franchise. They became perennial title contenders but couldn’t get over the hump until 2011 when Nowitzki took the team on his back and put on one the greatest playoff performances. They are a popular betting option due to how competitive they consistently are.

Dallas Mavericks Odds Today

This is what’s next for the Mavericks. Posted here is who they’re facing next, the betting lines and the time of the game. Confirm with your sportsbook and check to see any last minute changes to either team.

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Dallas Mavericks Schedule

Check how the Dallas Mavericks are doing in their NBA season with this widget. Check both home and away sections to see any trends. Also notice if there are any recent streaks or how busy their schedule has been. A team’s performance is widely affected by rest (or lack thereof).

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Being aware of where the Mavericks are heading is a good way to gauge their interest level in their games. Some teams who clearly have no shot at the playoffs may be unmotivated to play hard and just “mail it in”. Likewise, if the Mavericks are fighting for a playoff berth they will be more motivated to fight on any given night.

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Dallas Mavericks Betting

The Mavericks are quite a popular team to bet on thanks to constantly being a winning team. They don’t have the most eye-popping team on paper but they are usually well-managed and well-coached that they become a better team than the sum of their parts. They are usually favourites on the betting lines.

As a favourite on the money line, the Mavericks will be listed as a minus. Say they are a -325 that means you will have to pay $325 to win $100. But as an underdog, the Mavs will have a positive number like a +275. What that means is a $100 bet pays $275. Once you get the hang of how this works, you can try other betting options like the over/under or totals.

The over/under is betting on the total score between both teams for the game. An over/under of 201.5 for example means the total score between the two will amount to over 201.5 or under 201.5. Whether one team blows out the other team or wins by a point is irrelevant so long as the totals match your bet. Checking to see the offensive and defensive capabilities of both teams involved is a must before making this type of bet.

The Heat have the blessing of being able to easily attract players to the team mostly because of their winning history, cunning management and beautiful location. This has led the Heat to have consistent winning seasons where they are perennial playoff contenders. Even when there is shake up in the roster, the Heat find ways to stay competitive and in a shaky eastern conference that’s usually all it takes to win.