The NBA’s southwest division is home to the Dallas Mavericks, the Houston Rockets, the Memphis Grizzlies, the New Orleans Pelicans and the San Antonio Spurs. It is also home to the dreaded “Texas Triangle” which is made up of Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. NBA road teams sometimes have to stop in all 3 towns on the same road trip, and face 3 perennially loaded squads. Most teams in this division have seen a good amount of success. San Antonio has seen the most by being dominant, year after year, for the last two decades. [+]

The Spurs’ Tim Duncan has won more playoff games than over half of all the NBA teams. Elsewhere, the Dallas Mavericks always seem to make the playoffs, and have won a championship. And the Rockets have had to rebuild a few times after failing to recreate the success they had in winning back-to-back championships in the first-Jordan-retirement-era.

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Best NBA Southeast Betting Tips

Wondering who to bet on in the Southwest? Well, as stated above, the Spurs have been a good team to back for about 20 years now. Critics keep saying they’re too old, and keep getting proven wrong. Elsewhere, the Grizzlies have actually been a consistently quality team since they left Vancouver for Memphis. They make the playoffs nearly every year, but almost never venture outside the first round. 

There are a lot of chances to bet, with every team playing 82 regular season games. The NBA also boasts 4 full rounds of best-of-seven playoff series for your betting pleasure! Teams will play anywhere from 4 to 28 more games, depending on how deep they go.

Your top level NBA teams will win around 75-80% of their regular season games, and the same percentage (or slightly higher) of their home games. But that being said, even the lottery-bound low tier teams in the NBA will win a dozen or so games every year, which makes them perfect for single-game underdog pay days.

If you’re looking for an underdog to get behind, try the New Orleans Pelicans. They’re young, fun, and exciting to watch, yet they underperform and the betting lines reflect it. However, with a beast like Anthony Davis on their team, they are a threat to win every single game.