Since winning an NBA title in 1975, it had been a difficult path back to the top for the Warriors but they won it all again and has been one of the basketball’s most dominant teams. Featuring a system that perfectly balances the streakiness of their superstars with the reliability of their role players and they appear poised to maintain their supremacy. They will be a very popular bet despite their premium prices.

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You can check out the details of the Warriors’s next game here. The opponent and betting lines are posted. Confirm with your sports book before placing any bets.

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There are changes every night to any NBA game. Keep up to date with how the Warriors are doing and what is next for them with this widget. Also take note of their home and away games to notice any trends.

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Golden State Warriors Standings

This is the total NBA standings for both conferences. Check where the Warriors rank from either their conference or division. This also gives an idea how they’re doing in the race and what their aims might be whether they take it easy or go hard every night.

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Golden State Warriors Betting

The Warriors have historically been one of the most tortured franchises having failed to make several playoffs despite having the necessary pieces. But their recent success has made them a very hot commodity and they have finally rewarded the very faithful Warriors fans with a very successful team that is not only capable of winning multiple championships but shatter several NBA records.

Teams as good as this don’t come very often and only God knows when the Warriors will slow down. Betting, which takes place on several sportsbooks, let’s you choose the Warriors and earn profit for their wins. The most common form of betting is playing a straight bet on the money line. Prices for teams manifest as a negative or positive number.

If the Warriors appear as -500 it means they are favourites and you have to place $500 to make $100. But if they appear as +150 they are underdogs and you win $150 for a $100 bet. Favourites according to oddsmakers are likelier winners thus you have to spend more because the bet is less risky as an underdog.

If the Warriors are too pricey, you can try playing the point spread. What this does is equalize the favourite and underdog by allotting them points to cover. Like in the money line, a minus signifies a favourite and a plus, an underdog. If the Warriors are given -16.5 they have to win by 17 points or more. Only winning by 16 means the bet loses.

But if they are given +2.5 it means they can lose the game by up to 2 points but not more than. Learning to play both the money line and point spread will help give you more betting options.