The greatest franchise to never win an NBA title could be the Phoenix Suns. Since establishment in 1968, the Suns have won two conference titles, six division titles, eight Hall of Famers and over a dozen stars but all to no avail. As they continue their search for their first title, they undergo turbulent seasons but with the right management they can continue to build their future. Betting on the Suns can be a bit tricky but there’s value in them.

Phoenix Suns Odds Today

Get all the latest on the Suns’ next game here. The betting lines, away team and start time are available. Check back to see how the Suns are doing as we update the scores.

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Phoenix Suns Schedule

It’s important to keep track of the schedule to get a sense of how the Suns are doing. As the NBA season goes, teams hit periods of decline or growth and it’s worth noting if the Suns have been hot or cold before placing bets. The widget can be divided by home or road games.

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Phoenix Suns Standings

Like the schedule, getting knowledge of where the Suns (and their opponents) rank in the grand scheme of the NBA is crucial for betting. If the Suns are out of playoff contention they may not be as determined to win games but if they’re fighting for a spot, they could be playing differently. Same goes true for their opponents.

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Phoenix Suns Betting

Betting on sports usually involves making a straight bet on the money line through a sportsbook. The lines on these teams determines their price i.e. how much money you need to spend to make. They appear as either a minus number or plus number signifying a favourite or underdog.

If the Suns are the favourites they will have something like -175 for a line. This means spending $175 will earn you $100. You risk more to win less because oddsmakers think the Suns are the likely winners. But if they have an underdog price of +155 it means you win $155 on a $100 bet because bookies say the Suns are unlikely winners. The factors they use to determine these prices range from a lot of things like team quality, recent trends and any injuries or roster changes.

Prop bets are another form of betting popular in sports. Betting on other things outside the winner of the game are usually props. When the playoffs roll around, you can bet the series winner or even take a stab at who the NBA champion will be. You can even bet on which player wins the Finals MVP if your sportsbook lets you. These bets usually are plus bets because they’re theoretically harder to predict due to any unforeseeable changes that may occur such as injuries.

The Suns will hope to one-day win it all but must first start winning on the regular. They can’t afford to be trapped in a mediocre level of just missing the playoffs but not getting any solid draft picks. But Phoenix fans have been hopeful for so long in hopes the Suns put it all together finally. Until then, keep an easy stance on the Suns’ stock.