As one of the NBA’s most darling franchises, the Lakers are mostly the center of the NBA’s universe. Their popularity is matched only by their success. They have the NBA record for most wins, highest winning percentage, most NBA Finals appearances and second most NBA titles. They rarely ever miss the playoffs but are still prone to a rebuilding phase especially when their franchise stars start to depart and the betting lines will reflect this.

LA Lakers Odds Today

Here is what to expect for the Lakers next. Their opponent, betting odds and start time are all listed. The widget updates the score regularly so check back to see how the Lakers do.

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LA Lakers Schedule

Even if you’re not a Laker diehard, checking their season regularly can help provide useful betting information. Noticing their tendencies on the road or at home as well as any recent back-to-back games, winning streaks or losing streaks gives proper insight on whether to play the Lakers or not.

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LA Lakers Standings

This is the Lakers’ current place in the NBA. As the season progresses, teams start to decide what their goals are if it’s the postseason or the next season. A team looking to make the playoffs may make tougher opponents for the Lakers but a team who wouldn’t mind losing to get a better lottery spot may just roll over. 

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Los Angeles Lakers Betting

There may be no more scrutinized team than the Lakers. Even the most casual of sports fans can identify the franchise. They have the NBA’s largest fanbase with their popularity crossing over internationally. Whether they are in championship form or not, the money lines on them to shift.

The money line is used to determine what oddsmakers think will be the outcome of a game. A money line represented as a minus like -220 means the team is a favourite and a risk of $220 returns $100. But a team with a plus like +125 is an underdog team and a $100 returns $125. Betting on favourites returns less money but the risk is theoretically lower. Learning to pick when to bet favourites or underdogs is a key skill to learn beyond simply picking winners.

As the Lakers are very popular, they also have popular prop bets. These are the type of bets that go beyond predicting a single game’s outcome. Common prop bets include whether the Lakers can make the playoffs or not or if they’re in the playoffs, whether they win the NBA title or not. Prop bets are usually plus numbers because they are theoretically harder to predict and bettors tend to risk less money on them.

While not very common, the Lakers do go through rough times and it’s all dependent on how their front office handles things. With superstars leaving it usually forces a franchise to mix everything up and sometimes build from ground up. If the Lakers are in this period, they will be unpredictable but sly gamblers will find ways of using them as fairly cheap betting options.