One of the NBA’s oldest franchises, the Kings have been a model of inconsistency and front office turmoil much to the aggravation of their faithful fans. The Kings began in Rochester where they won their one and only NBA title and have since bounced around city to city. While in Sacramento they had a brief period as title contenders. They have otherwise mostly been a team in disarray and betting lines reflect that.

Sacramento Kings Odds Today

Keep updated on the Kings with the widget below. It lists the game time, opponent and betting lines and updates the game score regularly. Confirm actual odds with your sportsbook.

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Sacramento Kings Schedule

Betting on individual games is also dependent on any seasonal trends. The widget here keeps track of the Kings’ progress throughout the season. Check the home and away sections to determine how different the Kings are when playing in different environments.

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Sacramento Kings Standings

This is where the Kings stacks in comparison with the rest of the league. The schedule is also divided by conference and division so you can keep track of the different types of teams the Kings play. Also depending where the Kings are in the season their motivation to win may be greater or less based on how they are trending: playoffs or lottery.

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Sacramento Kings Betting

Based on your sportsbook, you can pick from a plethora of betting options. But the most popular one you’ll play is the money line. This is picking a single game winner based on their odds as reflected by a minus or plus number. The favourite has a minus number and the underdog has a plus number.

If the Kings are a favourite their line will look like this: -185. This means you need to stake $185 to profit $100. If the Kings are an underdog, a number like +160 will appear. In this case, a $100 bet returns a $160 profit. The lines reflect the winning probability of the team. The more bookies expect them to win the bigger of a favourite they will be and the more money you have to spend to get a return and vice versa if they are an underdog.

The Kings are usually underdogs on the betting lines because of how inconsistent their roster and front office are. They won’t win many games so even betting them at underdog prices can be foolhardy. The alternative is to bet them on the point spread. This allows a certain amount of points for them to cover at the expense of a smaller profit.

Like the money line, a minus and plus signify a favourite and underdog respectively. If the Kings’ spread is +6.5 it means they can lose by up to 6 points. But if they have a -3.5 spread it means they have to win by 4 points or more. Unlike the money line, the return on investment (ROI) for playing either the favourite or underdog is very similar. Learn the art of playing the money line or the point spread to get a betting edge.