The Clippers haven’t only been living under the shadow of the Lakers but at one point were also considered to be one of the worst pro sports franchises due to their sheer futility. The Clippers rarely had a winning season and even more rarely made the playoffs. They have only been out of the first round a handful of times. Historically, they have been mostly an underdog team but their recent resurgence has them erasing all past labels as a failure.

LA Clippers Odds Today

Check with your sportsbook before placing a bet on the Clippers game. There could be last minute changes that alter the lines. This widget updates the score regularly so check back.

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LA Clippers Schedule

Here is how the Clippers’ schedule is shaping up. The widget also divides between home and away games. Noticing when the Clippers are in their peak during the season is vital and can help you whether you want to ride them when they’re hot or avoid them when they’re cold.

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LA Clippers Standings

Where a team stands in the league usually plays a role in how they perform. A team in playoff contention may fight harder each night but a team already 20 games behind may not even try. Learning where the Clippers or their opponent stand lets you figure out just how lively they might be during periods of the season.

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Los Angeles Clippers Betting

Betting on sports come in a variety of ways depending on your sportsbook. But playing the money line will likely be your bread and butter.

The money line assigns prices on teams based on their probability of winning. Minus numbers indicate the favourite and plus numbers indicate the underdog. If you play the favourite, you’ll need to bet more money than you can win. A favourite lined at -300 means you need $300 to make $100 but an underdog lined at +200 means you win $200 for a $100 bet.

The system is designed to reward you based on the probability of the outcome. A more likely outcome nets less profit and vice versa. The Clippers are shifting as a franchise and were once consistently underdogs due to how poorly they were managed.

Now that they’ve been winning and are fielding better teams than the past they will not just be favourites but expensive ones at that. Even if playoff success is still inconsistent they have at least been more consistent at winning and getting there. If you’re not liking the prices on the Clippers, perhaps playing the over/under is another option.  

The over/unders or totals are bets you can make on whether the total score of the game goes over or under the given number. A total of -224.5 means the bookies expect the Clippers and their opponent to score either over or above 224.5.

Some teams may be inconsistent at winning but are more consistent at scoring or playing tough defense and learning these can help you master this type of bet.