The NBA’s pacific division is home to the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Phoenix Suns and the Sacramento Kings. For years the Pacific has been Laker Nation, with the Lakers winning most of the division titles. They have also strung together a seemingly endless parade of championship teams, with great pairings like Magic and Kareem, Shaq and Kobe, as well as Kobe and Pau. [+]

The Warriors have recently taken hold of the division and become the new super power in the NBA. The Clippers have built an exciting team to watch, but have yet to prove critics wrong by showing that they’re more than a highlight reel team. Elsewhere, the Kings and Suns have had fun teams to watch over the years, but no championships to show for it. They’re actually famous for teams that “almost made it.” This includes both Charles Barkley and Steve Nash’s respective Suns teams, as well as Chris Webber’s run-and-gun Kings.

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NBA Pacific Standings

Here’s a look at the current NBA Pacific standings. See who’s on top and who’s really struggling this season thanks to the table and key stats provided below.


Best NBA Pacific Betting Tips

There are a lot of chances to bet, with every team playing 82 regular season games. The NBA also boasts 4 full rounds of best-of-seven playoff series for your betting pleasure! Teams will play anywhere from 4 to 28 more games, depending on how deep they go.

Your top level NBA teams will win around 75-80% of their regular season games, and the same percentage (or slightly higher) of their home games. But that being said, even the lottery-bound low tier teams in the NBA will win a dozen or so games every year, which makes them perfect for single-game underdog pay days. If you’re looking to bet in the Pacific your best bet may be to have fun with the over under. This division is somewhat known for fast teams that get up and down the floor and score a ton of points. 

If you’re going to bet on individual teams, the Warriors are your best bet for winning for the next few years. They are loaded with talented and shockingly young for a team that already has a NBA champion banner in their rafters. Elsewhere, you may be able to pick one of these high scoring teams to knock off a higher ranked team, if their shooting gets hot.