Most likely known for their back-to-back NBA Finals runs against the legendary Bulls of the 90s, the Jazz haven’t come close to recapturing the same championship-caliber team they once had. Since losing longtime coach, Jerry Sloan, the franchise has felt a lot of turbulence with plenty of roster and coaching shakeups. Betting lines will reflect a mediocre team but they will be capable of beating the best teams on some occasions.

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This is the Jazz’s next game. We update the score regularly so keep checking back. The opponent, betting line and start time are also listed for your convenience.

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Utah Jazz Schedule

Keep track of the Utah Jazz’s season with this nifty schedule widget. You can look through their performances on the road or at home and also notice other trends like winning or losing streaks. Take note of the betting odds for the games as well. 

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Utah Jazz Standings

This is where the Utah Jazz stacks in comparison to the rest of the league. The schedule is also divided by conference or division so you can keep track of the other teams from across the States but pay attention to the Jazz’s division rivals as they play them the most.

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Utah Jazz Betting

It’s good to monitor the betting lines of teams you enjoy wagering on like the Jazz. Long gone are the playoff days of coach Jerry Sloan and all-star pairs of Karl Malone and John Stockton and Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams and instead the Jazz have a collection of solid but unspectacular players to keep them competitive but not exactly super.

The Jazz are a middle-of-the-pack kind of team and they tend to have unpredictable lines as it’s not always clear if they consistently beat lottery teams but lose to elite teams. They’re capable of losing to lowly teams and beating good teams without a particular trend.

If the Jazz have a minus number like -170 this means they are favourites and you need to wager $170 to win $100. But if they have a plus number like +140 it means a $100 bet returns a $140 profit as they are the underdog. You can also bet on a prop on the Jazz in winning a playoff a series should they make it in the big dance.

Their glory days won’t likely be returning any time soon so it’s tough to bet the Jazz to consistently win. But one way to bet them is by learning their trends such as their records during back-to-back games or two days’ off. Following the Jazz’s schedule (above) can help you make sharper bets especially as the team has been very changeable as of late.