The Blazers have one of the most storied franchises in the NBA. They have won one title (1977) and made two other NBA Finals (1990 and 1992) and at one point set a pro sports’ record of most consecutive home game sellouts between 1977 to 1995. The Blazers haven’t recaptured their old championship contender forms yet but have consistently fielded solid teams many gamblers can find for affordable prices. 

Portland Trail Blazers Odds Today

Here is what to expect for the Blazers next game. The opponent, money line odds and start time are all listed here. Check back as we update the game as it goes.

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Portland Trail Blazers Schedule

This is the Blazers’ season schedule. The table is sortable for home and away games and the money line odds are kept track as well. Sometimes teams can start the season slow but finish hot or vice versa. Check this widget frequently to see what recent trends show.

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Portland Trail Blazers Standings

As the NBA season progresses, teams start to play for either the playoffs or for next year. Check these standings regularly to see what kind of team the Blazers are up against or where the Blazers stack up to the rest of the league. Both conferences are listed here.

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Portland Trail Blazers Betting

There are many ways to bet on the NBA but betting straight on the money line is the most popular. Although different oddsmakers use fractions and other methods to list odds, the money line is the most popular and it lays out the odds in a simpler fashion.

In terms of being a favourite, a minus number is shown like -225. This means a $225 bet is needed to return a profit of $100. If a plus number is shown to signify an underdog, a +225 means $225 will be when on a $100 bet. The odds are meant to roughly estimate the value behind a bet dependent on its risk so the riskier the bet (the less likely it wins) the higher the payoff. But upsets happen quite often.

Betting straight on teams is one way to bet but another way to bet is to look at prop bets. A popular prop bet is predicting an NBA playoff series winner or predicting the NBA champion when the playoffs start. These bets can be riskier due to there being a bigger window for things to change such as injuries or roster changes taking place.

The Blazers have remained a very relevant franchise for years because of their sharp management. Despite drafting a lot of busts and losing all-stars in free agency, the franchise has survived by developing other stars or making shrewd offseason moves. The Blazers are again entering a period of rebuild but have done so much more effectively than other teams and will be considerably better in the near future.