The Blazers have remained a very relevant franchise for years because of their sharp management. Despite drafting a lot of busts and losing all-stars in free agency, the franchise has survived by developing other stars or making shrewd offseason moves. The Blazers are again entering a period of rebuild but have done so much more effectively than other teams and will be considerably better in the near future.

Oklahoma City Thunder Odds Today

Below is the next game for the Thunder. The game’s start time, opponent and betting lines are all listed. Double check with your favourite sports book before placing a wager.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Schedule

Take a look at the Oklahoma City Thunder’s schedule here. Previous games’ scores are updated and you can also view the odds. Pay attention to any recent trends like winning or losing streaks or how busy the Thunder have been. Teams perform differently based on schedule.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Standings

This is the NBA standings divided by conference and division. You can view where the Thunder stand among the rest of their peers. A useful stat to note are the points for (+) and against (-) of each team starting with the OKC Thunder and every one of its opponents.

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Oklahoma City Thunder Betting

The Thunder are a popular team to bet on and there are plenty of ways to do so. The most popular will be a straight money line bet for them to win. Odds will show up with either a plus or minus number. A minus like -350 signifies the Thunder are favourites and you need to stake $350 to win $100 on a Thunder victory. But if they show as +150 that means they are underdogs and a $100 bet returns $150.

The point spread is another good option if the money line on the team is too high for your liking. The point spread aims to make even the odds between a favourite and an underdog by assigning a certain amount of points either team has to cover.

If the Thunder are set with a -11.5 for instance, it means they need to win by 12 or more points. But if they are +5.5 that means they are allowed to lose by up to 5 points. Whether they have minus or plus, the odds on them will likely be close to even so it becomes a game of predicting if the Thunder can cover or not as opposed to if they can win or not.

Teams like the Thunder with an extensive history usually have all the right tools: superstar-caliber players, a solid supporting cast, stability in the front office and luck in not getting injuries or off-court issues among their players. However, winning teams can grow stagnant if they don’t progress and depending how the Thunder grow as a team they could win it all or decline and rebuild.