Since their original franchise moved to Los Angeles and became the Lakers, Minnesota hasn’t been able to field a consistently successful team. They had one of the greatest power forwards of all time in Kevin Garnett and at their peak made the conference finals but more than likely they either have rebuilding teams. Lately, the Timberwolves have added a lot of significant prospects and draft picks and could be a sneaky underdog team to bet on.

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Here is the next matchup for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The betting lines are posted as well but be sure to do prior research on how well the Wolves play as a home or road team.

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This nifty widget below allows you to look through how the Wolves are doing this season. Odds are listed so you can look at money lines and analyze how well the Wolves do as underdogs, favourites and parlay that with their home and away records for reference.

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The NBA season is long and most teams not on an elite level go through series of highs and lows. At one point the Wolves could be winning a lot then follow it right up with long losing streaks. Keep checking on the standings to see how their season is going.

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Minnesota Timberwolves Betting

The money line is the most popular format for betting on the NBA and it shows up as a number with either a minus (-) or plus (+) sign denoting a favourite or underdog, respectively.

Teams like the Wolves who have a long history of not being very good usually show up as an underdog on betting lines. As an underdog, the Wolves will have a number like this: +285 meaning a $100 bet returns a profit of $285. It is because the Wolves are expected to lose the game more likely than not so the bet is riskier in theory and returns more.

But on the chance the Wolves have a good team, they may be a favourite. If they are for instance a -400 favourite, a bet of $400 is needed to win $100. The implication is the Wolves are the likelier winner and the bet is not as risky so the return is smaller.

They say that “every dog has its day” or in this case, every wolf has its day. The Timberwolves in history have been doormats to the NBA’s elite franchises but with a plethora of promising young talent the Wolves can only go up and sharp bettors look forward to the days of betting the Wolves to eventually succeed and make future Hall of Famer, Garnett proud.