The Denver Nuggets have been a reliably good but not great NBA franchise in terms of on-court success. While they’ve had superstars in Alex English, Dikembe Mutombo and Carmelo Anthony, one thing has been consistent: when they make the playoffs they consistently flame out during or before the conference finals. The team is now in restructuring mode again but they manage to field talented rosters that are capable of pulling off upsets even against much better foes. an eye out for upset opportunities for the Nuggets.

Denver Nuggets Odds Today

This is what’s next for the Denver Nuggets. The score is updated here with the betting lines and opponent. Track any last minute changes to both team’s rosters before betting.

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Denver Nuggets Schedule

Check out the table below. It keeps track of the Nuggets’ entire NBA schedule from previous games and results to upcoming games. Make sure to notice any recent trends to the team to use as part of your betting strategy.

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This is where the Nuggets currently rank in comparison to every team in the league. Streaks are also kept here. Use the conference and division tabs to check how well the Nuggets stack in comparison to their closest opponents.

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Denver Nuggets Betting

Colloquially, odds on teams are given in ratios like 2-1 or 5-2 but they manifest as money lines in sportsbooks. A 2-1 favourite for example is a -200 meaning you have to stake $200 to win $100 while a 2-1 underdog is a +200 and a bet of $100 returns $200. This type of wagering is the most common and can be used in a variety of ways like picking the winner straight, picking a playoff series winner or the totals of the game.

Betting on a playoff series can be a bit trickier especially because playoff upsets rarely happen in the NBA but when they do they are monumental upsets. Plenty of things can change in the series that totally changes each team’s momentum along with injuries.

The totals signify whether you want to bet the total score between both teams to be over or under the given amount. An over/under of 196.5 means the total of the two teams adds up to over or under 196 and the result of the game is irrelevant. With the Nuggets, it’s good to take note of their offensive trends along with their opponent. Nuggets teams under George Karl have been very offensive minded and over bets were popular for them but things have been a bit different.

Playing in the notorious elevation of Denver, the Nuggets enjoy a unique type of homecourt advantage as most teams are not used to playing under these conditions. They have historically been a solid bet when they are at home and as the Nuggets continue to remain a modest team they will be very affordable on the betting lines.