With a hard fought regular season over and done with the National Basketball Association kicks things up a notch or two for the next two months with the NBA Playoffs. With four rounds of action, including eight best-of-seven series in the first round alone, there are plenty of betting lines available. The competition only gets harder with each ensuing round raising the stakes until one team emerges victorious and claims basketball’s most prestigious prize, the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Whether it’s the top seed who had dominated all season long or another elite team playing as good as ever, only the best of the best can survive. 

NBA Playoffs Odds Today

Four rounds with games across North America is a frenzy for basketball fans. We help you keep track of the action by providing all the top NBA Playoff betting lines for all the games every night with links to our top recommended bookmakers below.

Best NBA Playoffs Betting sites

As the NBA Playoffs have expanded over the years basketball fans of all teams have agreed that an NBA Championship has become one become the hardest trophy to win in sports. Whether it’s era defining dynasties such as the 1990’s Chicago Bulls winning six titles in eight years or the two-headed monster of the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics splitting eight titles in the 80’s (usually beating the other in the finals) there’s no shortage of excitement on the court. 

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    Best NBA Playoffs Betting Tips

    No team that makes the NBA Playoffs is going to just rest on its laurels. With each round that passes some dominant teams will show us why they were so good in the regular season while other teams will get hot at the right time and overcome the odds to advance an extra round or two. Either way only one team will get the chance of being an NBA Champion. 

    No Matter if it’s a favourite or an underdog, when it seems like one team is well on their way to advancing, there too many cases of teams missing some key free throws or suddenly shooting poorly allowing their opponents to comeback and take the series. 

    With the best-of-seven series there are many factors to take into account. Home-court advantage, momentum, injuries, style of play and recent historical game data are all key elements in a bettors decision. Bettors also have the choice on various sites of picking individual games, a whole series or filing out a complete playoff bracket. 

    As the competition gets smaller with each round bettors can expect the action to only get bigger with additional prop bets to be made available with each passing round.

    No matter what the bettor’s choice for action there’s an option to keep the excitement going even if your favourite team has come up short.