NBA Finals Betting Odds

After three rounds of playoff action to decide the conference champions, the biggest prize in the National Basketball Association is still to be decided. The last two teams standing go head to head for the Larry O’Brien Trophy in the NBA Finals. Over the years the best-of seven final has produced some outstanding moments by many of the game’s greatest players as well as contributions by some underrated performers writing further chapters in the sport’s great history. Even if your team isn’t one of the final pair there are still plenty of NBA Finals betting lines to provide even more excitement. 

NBA Finals Odds Today

Like The Finals itself, the betting lines for the final have grown and evolved over the years. For the latest and best money lines and links to our top rated sportsbooks for basketball’s biggest series we have a list posted below. 

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 17 December
FT Milwaukee Bucks 107 - 104 Detroit Pistons -147 +135
FT Phoenix Suns 128 - 110 New York Knicks -115 +103
FT Utah Jazz 97 - 102 Houston Rockets +175 -200
FT Sacramento Kings 105 - 132 Wolves +280 -333
FT Chicago Bulls 96 - 121 Thunder +800 -1000
FT Philadelphia 76ers 96 - 123 San Antonio Spurs -102 -103
FT Memphis Grizzlies 93 - 110 Warriors +700 -1000
FT Blazers 131 - 127 L.A. Clippers +102 -112
Tuesday 18 December
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Indiana Pacers +675 -833
L.A. Lakers 19:30 Brooklyn Nets -133 +120
Washington Wizards 19:30 Atlanta Hawks -149 +138
Dallas Mavericks 21:00 Denver Nuggets +185 -200
Wednesday 19 December
New York Knicks 19:00 Philadelphia 76ers
San Antonio Spurs 19:00 Orlando Magic
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
Phoenix Suns 19:30 Boston Celtics
Indiana Pacers 19:30 Toronto Raptors
Detroit Pistons 20:00 Wolves
Pelicans 20:00 Milwaukee Bucks
Washington Wizards 20:00 Houston Rockets
Brooklyn Nets 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Warriors 21:00 Utah Jazz
Memphis Grizzlies 22:00 Blazers
Thunder 22:00 Sacramento Kings
Thursday 20 December
Houston Rockets 20:00 Miami Heat
Dallas Mavericks 22:30 L.A. Clippers
Friday 21 December
Detroit Pistons 19:00 Charlotte Hornets
Cleveland Cavaliers 19:00 Toronto Raptors
Atlanta Hawks 19:30 New York Knicks
Indiana Pacers 19:30 Brooklyn Nets
Orlando Magic 20:00 Chicago Bulls
Milwaukee Bucks 20:00 Boston Celtics
Wolves 20:30 San Antonio Spurs
Memphis Grizzlies 22:00 Sacramento Kings
Utah Jazz 22:00 Blazers
Pelicans 22:30 L.A. Lakers
Saturday 22 December
Denver Nuggets 17:00 L.A. Clippers
Phoenix Suns 19:00 Washington Wizards
Toronto Raptors 19:30 Philadelphia 76ers
Milwaukee Bucks 20:00 Miami Heat
San Antonio Spurs 20:00 Houston Rockets
Dallas Mavericks 20:30 Warriors
Thunder 21:00 Utah Jazz
Sunday 23 December
Atlanta Hawks 16:00 Detroit Pistons
Washington Wizards 17:00 Indiana Pacers
Pelicans 18:00 Sacramento Kings
Miami Heat 18:00 Orlando Magic
Chicago Bulls 18:00 Cleveland Cavaliers
Phoenix Suns 18:00 Brooklyn Nets
Charlotte Hornets 18:00 Boston Celtics
Wolves 20:00 Thunder
L.A. Clippers 20:30 Warriors
Dallas Mavericks 21:00 Blazers
Memphis Grizzlies 21:30 L.A. Lakers

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In the NBA’s early days it was the Minneapolis Lakers and Boston Celtics who were the league’s standard bears winning many of the first titles. That rivalry heated up in the California sun following the Lakers move to LA as their repeated Finals’ match ups continued through the decades. In between those grudge matches, dynasties were also formed in Chicago and San Antonio as Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan looked to write resumes to match Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, George Mikan and all the other Hall of Famers before them. These days LeBron James is king of the NBA court having a say in which team (usually his) is playing for the big prize. 

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Best NBA Finals Betting Tips

Competing amongst 30 teams in the regular season and three gruelling best-of-seven series just for the right to play in The Finals makes it one of sport’s most cherished championships. With a salary cap making it sometimes difficult to keep a team together and free agency allowing a quick rebuild for one of the league’s underachievers, it may be tough for a Chicago dynasty but it means there no shortage of teams capable of winning the whole thing every year.  

With the league boasting dozens of exciting young players eager to leave their mark on the game, the door is open for this final to be as exciting as those past. The door is also open for betting options on the NBA Finals as the Internet is providing bigger and better opportunities.

Whether it’s game results or individual player performances the options for betting are as exciting as the action on the court. Your pick for over/under on the game score, over/under on a player’s number of points or which player will get a triple double means your betting experience can also be worthy of a title win.