Since changing their name from the Washington Bullets, the Wizards haven’t exactly lit the NBA world on fire. They made several unfruitful playoff appearances and are a long way gone from their championship form in the 1970s. They have however a pair of stars and a nifty young core who they can grow and build with to finally recapture their former glory years. For the meantime, the Wizards offer a fairly cheap betting option.

Washington Wizards Odds Today

Right here is the latest game for the Wizards complete with the scoreboard, betting lines and their opponent. Continuously check here as the score gets updated on the fly.

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Washington Wizards Schedule

This is the Washington Wizards’ complete schedule and game results along with the odds. In order to make better bets, keep checking to analyze just how often the Wizards win as favourites or underdogs and parlay that with their opponents’ records as either spot as well.

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Washington Wizards Standings

As the NBA regular season progresses, it becomes clear who the contenders and pretenders are as the elite start to pull away from the mediocre. Check to see if the Wizards can compete with the elite and what status their opponent is. You may find good value somewhere.

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Washington Wizards Betting

There’s always plenty of betting action around the NBA and with the Washington Wizards mostly on single game money line where players simply pick the team they think will win. Oddsmakers then assign odds expressed as either positive or negative numbers depending on their status as an underdog (positive number) or favourite (negative number)

If the Wizards are listed as a +145 then they are considered by oddsmakers as the underdogs and placing a $100 bet returns $145. But if the Wizards are -145 it means they are favourites and to win $100 a bet of $145 needs to be made. The money line is a rough translation of the winning probability of a team and is an expression of the risk being taken. A team that less likely to win returns more on the investment because the risk is higher but a team favoured to win returns less because the risk is lower.

The money line isn’t the only type of bet available to players however. Betting the team totals is also a potential way to make money especially if you’re not very confident on the chances of either team. To bet the totals, you simply decide if the total score of both teams will go under or over. If the number is 201 for instance, the Wizards and their opponent must combine to score over 201 points regardless of who wins or loses.

The Wizards have a good core of young playmakers but have questionable coaching and front office moves, which hinder the team’s overall development. But thankfully the Eastern conference has historically not been too difficult and with a few more roster additions (or subtractions) the Wizards may be perennial playoff threats or even a title contender. Pay close attention both offseason and seasonal roster moves they make.