The Orlando Magic are most likely known for their two trips to the NBA Finals on two different eras riding the wings of superstar big men, Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard. They were overwhelmed during those times but have managed to string successful seasons together sandwiched by rebuilding periods. They are hopeful to once again field a championship-caliber teams but for the mean time remain as underdog options on the betting lines.

Orlando Magic Odds Today

The next game for the Orlando Magic is posted below with the opponent and betting line. The score will be updated continuously. Refer to your sportsbook to verify the odds.

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Orlando Magic Schedule

This is the Magic’s season schedule complete with results from previous games. The odds are also posted for reference. Pay close attention not only to their wins but their losses to notice any trends and gain a betting advantage for future games.

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Orlando Magic Standings

Throughout the NBA season, certain teams pull away and some get left behind and this can determine whether a team decides to play for the lottery or a playoff spot. This is crucial when sizing out who the Magic play to see just how potentially determined they are to win.

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Orlando Magic Betting

When betting on sports teams, it’s important to weigh what type of bet you can make to minimize your losses and/or maximize profits. Two popular bet types are the money line and point spread. Money line bets are straight up bets. You pick the team you think will win while point spreads allot a certain amount of points for the team to win by.

On a money line bet, a -300 signifies a favourite and you have to lay $300 to win $100. On the point spread, a -3.5 signifies a favourite who has to win by at least 4 points. On the flipside, a +300 identifies an underdog and you can win $300 on a $100 wager while a +3.5 means the underdog is allowed to lose by up to as many as 3 points.

Favourites are more likely winners and you have to risk more to win while underdogs are more likely losers so the payoff is greater. The point spread evens this out a bit so picking a favourite can just be as risky as picking an underdog.

The Magic go through periods of rebuilding after fielding championship-caliber teams. When the Magic are in this phase, they may make good underdog bets as they are bound to surprise a couple of teams especially if they’re nearing that period where their draft picks and prospects are beginning to round out to form. Pay attention to these and pick the Magic as a low risk high reward betting option.