The Miami Heat has been one of the NBA’s most successful franchises for decades. Led by iconic basketball mind, Pat Riley, the Heat have assembled repeat championship teams and featured NBA superstars like Shaquille O’Neal, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Even when they lose their stars they are quick to rebuild and always remain a relevant team. They are solid betting choices year-in and year-out.

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This is the Heat’s next game along with the betting line and opponent. Visit your favourite sportsbook to verify the odds and check on any last minute updates before betting.

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This team widget gives you a nifty look at how the Heat are doing this season. It shows results from previous games and upcoming games so you get an idea where they are at and how to strategize with your bets. Take notice of the odds that are part of the widget as well.

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Observing how the season unfolds through the standings can give you a betting edge especially when you notice trends develop. The points for (+) and points against (-) below also give an idea how good teams are offensively and defensively in relation with the rest of the league.

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Miami Heat Betting

In recent seasons, the Heat have been quite the popular team even among bettors. That’s what happens when you have a history of success and championships. You can bet on the Heat in multiple ways but the money line is one of the most popular methods. The team’s value manifests as either a positive or negative number.

A positive number like a +200 means the Heat are actually an underdog. You win $200 for a $100 bet because oddsmakers predict the Heat are the more likely loser of the game. But a negative number like -200 means the Heat are actually favoured to win. In order to win $100 you need to place a $200 bet. The more likely the Heat are predicted the win the more money you’ll have to place to win $100 and the less likely they are to win the more you can win off a $100 bet.

If you’re unwilling to lay that much money on the team or think there’s no value in that, try making smaller bets on prop plays. A prop play is a fun wager on something like how many points the Heat will score or how many points a player will score. The chances of it succeeding are less but the returns on the bet will be much more significant. It’s a low-risk high reward scenario.

The Heat have the blessing of being able to easily attract players to the team mostly because of their winning history, cunning management and beautiful location. This has led the Heat to have consistent winning seasons where they are perennial playoff contenders. Even when there is shake up in the roster, the Heat find ways to stay competitive and in a shaky eastern conference that’s usually all it takes to win.