Since reclaiming their rightful name as the Hornets, Charlotte has turned the corner again and left memories of the atrocious Bobcats behind. The city has a rich basketball history but long-term success for the Hornets has been hard to find. Now with a rising core of young hungry players, the team is looking to climb the ranks of the eastern conference and make Michael Jordan a very proud owner as gamblers look to ride the wave with them.

Charlotte Hornets Odds Today

This is the Hornets’ next game. The score is updated here and it has the betting lines as well. Be sure to track any last minute changes to both team’s rosters before betting.

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Charlotte Hornets Schedule

This is the Charlotte Hornets’ NBA season right here. Their upcoming games as well as previous games’ results are all charted here. It is worth keeping track of how well the Hornets do on the road or at home and how they perform on consecutive games. Doing so will help you make smarter bets.

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Charlotte Hornets Standings

Keep track of where the Hornets rank in the grand scheme of things with the standings listed below. The division and conference standings are shown as well. It’s worth noting how a team will perform depending where they are in the standings if they’re looking for a playoff berth or just mailing it in.

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Charlotte Hornets Betting

There are a lot of ways to bet NBA games but the simplest and most popular is by betting the teams straight. This is the money line, which roughly calculates the team’s probability of winning and amount of risk a gambler is making by picking them. The amount of profit a player makes is also dependent on the likelihood of success of a team.

If the Charlotte Hornets are underdogs, like they usually have been historically, their money line will reflect a positive number: +325. That means a wager of $100 will net $325 in profit. If the Hornets are favourites, they will have a negative number like -250 meaning you need to stake $250 to win $100. The more likely of a winner the Hornets are according to oddsmakers, the more money you’ll have to lay to earn a profit.

Prop bets are another type of bet you can make. With the playoffs, a popular prop bet is picking the series winner and usually the odds are a bit closer here as there are more variables to consider and you are betting on more than one game. Be wary however as unpredictable things like injuries can completely turn the tables.

Jordan being the owner of the Hornets somewhat overshadows their potential as a team. Even NBA analysts have been known to focus on him as opposed to the team and that has historically made the Hornets a decent team to bet on as even oddsmakers can underestimate them. With a growing core and a more stable front office, watch out as the Hornets will make the NBA world notice them more.