The Atlanta Hawks are one of the oldest teams in the NBA having relocated three times to get to Atlanta. They have won one NBA championship in 1958 as the St. Louis Hawks but haven’t won one since and have the second-longest title drought after the Sacramento Kings. The Hawks however consistently find ways to make the playoffs even if their season-to-season performance is very inconsistent. As such it can be hard to make lines for them and gamblers look to take advantage of that.

Atlanta Hawks Odds Today

This is the Hawks’ next game complete with the assumed betting line as well as the opponent. Confirm the actual lines with your favourite sportsbook before laying a wager.

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Atlanta Hawks Schedule

This widget keeps track of the Atlanta Hawks’ schedule and their previous games’ results. Keeping close attention to recent trends with the Hawks like winning streaks or results during back-to-back contests are all essential to making informed betting choices.

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Atlanta Hawks Standings

This is the NBA standings. If you check regularly, you will notice just how often the standings change especially during midseason where a lot of teams are just hitting their stride. Figuring out where the Hawks are and what their season goals are is crucial.

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Atlanta Hawks Betting

There are many types of bets you can make on sports but the most popular will have to be the money line where you simply pick which of the two teams you think will win. If you select the favourite, they will have a negative denomination like -325 while the underdog will have a positive number like +400. This changes slightly per sportsbook.

A negative number like -325 signifies having place $325 to win $100. You have to wager more to win less because the team you are betting on is the likely winner. With underdogs, a +400 means you win $400 for a $100 bet because the team is a more likely loser. The risk of losing for underdogs is greater but the return is more significant while with favourites the risk of losing is less but the return is less significant.

Oddsmakers alter betting lines as the season progress depending on how teams are performing or if there are any changes to their team. The Hawks have generally been a good team and are thus capable of safely winning as favourites especially in recent years thanks to new coaching changes. Many gamblers may still underestimate the Hawks because they have consistently lost to better teams especially in the playoffs but for good value the Hawks can be a money-making team.

When the playoffs arrive, it is also possible to bet money on series outcomes such as who wins the series or how many games the series lasts. The only downside to this are unforeseen events like injuries that can really alter the series. But if you’re confident on your insight, you can find plenty of ways to make money this way.