The Pacers are one of the best NBA franchises to never win a itle (although they have three ABA titles). The team was included many stars like Reggie Miller, Rik Smits and Jermaine O’Neal but had the misfortune of going up against the legendary Chicago Bulls of the 90s and the Pistons of the early 2000s. Since then the Pacers have been a middling team who step in and out of playoff contention but bettors see their value as potential underdogs. Betting on the NBA usually happens through the money line... [+]

You place a bet on the team you want to win and your return on investment (ROI) is dependent on their line. If the Pacers are -150 that means they are a favourite and you need to bet $150 to win $100. If they are +175 that means they are an underdog and you win $175 on a $100 bet.

Indiana Pacers Odds Today

The next game for Indiana Pacers is right here. The expected money line with their opponent is also posted. The results will be updated so check right back after the game.

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Indiana Pacers Schedule

This is the Indiana Pacers’ season schedule with the results from previous games. It is good to take notice of how the Pacers do depending where and when the game is played. Things like back-to-back games or two-day breaks can have tremendous effect on some teams.

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Indiana Pacers Standings

As the season progresses, the way a team plays changes depending where they stand. Some teams may not play as hard while some battle to make the playoffs. Paying attention to this can help with making better betting choices.

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Indiana Pacers Betting

The money line isn’t the only type of bet you can make. If the money line odds are not to your liking, you can try the point spread. The spread assigns a certain amount of points for the team to cover. A minus number like -4.5 means the Pacers have to win by 5 or more while a plus number like +6.5 means the Pacers can lose by up to 6 points for the bet to cash. The returns on these types of bets are closer to even so playing a favourite or underdog have relatively the same risk.

Division games in particular should be studied more as NBA teams play them the most. The Pacers for one have traditionally found success against the spread in division games but their division is always competitive despite having powerhouse franchises like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Chicago Bulls. The Pacers don’t get the same recognition these two teams get and that could play an advantage on the betting lines.

The Pacers generally don’t have many big-name stars on their roster but have been well-coached and managed properly by the front office. As a result, they can be more than the sum of their parts. Considered a small market franchise, the Pacers have to consistently produce positive results to keep the fanbase engaged and so far they have done that to an extent..