The Cleveland Cavaliers have historically been considered one of the NBA’s most tormented franchises. Even when they have the greatest player of his generation playing for them in LeBron James, their shortcomings have seemingly overshadowed all their success. Regardless, the Cavs are either contending for a title or playing the draft lottery meaning they are either winning a lot of games or losing a lot but as a popular team, they will continue being scrutinized by gamblers.

Cleveland Cavaliers Odds Today

This is what’s next for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The betting lines along with their opponent is listed here. Check back to see an updated result.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Schedule

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ overall NBA schedule is posted below. This gets updated with every game so keep looking back to notice emerging trends such as winning streaks or their records as favourites or as underdogs.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Standings

This is how the Cavaliers stack up with the rest of the NBA. The standings are divided by both conference and division records so you can notice where they rank in the grand scheme of things. Other stats like their points for and against are also kept here.

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Cleveland Cavaliers Betting

The difference between a long-term winning gambler and the rest comes down to research and patience. It seems straightforward to just keep betting on the Cavaliers as a favourite if they are a title contender or betting against them if they are a lottery team but that doesn’t always yield favourable results especially if you are spending a lot on them.

For instance, if the Cavaliers are heavy favourites, they could be as high as -1000 (you have to bet $1,000 to win $100) and due to the unpredictable nature of sports that may be too risky of a bet. And even if they are a huge underdog like +500 (win $500 on a $100 bet) that shouldn’t entice a reckless play on them just because.

Keeping track on the Cavaliers’ historical statistics as a favourite and underdog is key. Whenever LeBron is with the Cavaliers for instance, they are very hard to beat at home as a favourite and they are very seldom an underdog. Also pay attention to their records in divisional games, conference games or against western teams as their records can vary drastically.

The Cavaliers franchise is pretty much driven by LeBron James. They have found moderate success in the past without having a major superstar but they became more prominent with his acquisition. James’s status as a Cavalier is always up in the air as the mercurial superstar has left and returned and the front office is constantly scrambling trying to fill the team in his absence. But it goes without saying that the Cavaliers’ long-term outlook is dependent on whether or not James continues to play for them.