Arguably the NBA’s most prominent franchise thanks to a certain guy named Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls continue being a popular betting option. Since the dynasty era of Jordan, Scottie Pippen and head coach, Phil Jackson, the Bulls have been somewhat limited in success despite making the playoffs for a couple of seasons. Their front office is constantly making moves to try to return the franchise to its glory years with mixed results.

Chicago Bulls Odds Today

This is the Chicago Bulls’ next game along with the money line, opponent and time of the game. We update the game’s results quickly so you can check back on your bet.

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Chicago Bulls Schedule

Consistently checking in on the Chicago Bulls’ schedule below is a good idea to keep track of how they do over the season. Trends like how well they do in back-to-backs or long home or road stretches is crucial when it comes to analyzing the Bulls from a betting perspective.

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Chicago Bulls Standings

You can keep track on how the Chicago Bulls progress with the overall standings here. Throughout the season some trends will develop concerning NBA teams. Check frequently along with the schedule to get important info before placing bets.

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Chicago Bulls Betting

Predicting winners in sports is difficult even if faced with a seemingly obvious matchup between a very good team and a poor team. Upsets happen all the time and sometimes for non-obvious reasons. When it comes to gambling, picking the winner is only half the equation. It’s also crucial to figure out if the likely winner is worth betting on.

If the Chicago Bulls are the favourite they will have a minus like -150 where you have to place $150 to make $100. On the other end if they are underdogs they will have a plus like a +150 where you win $150 on a $100 bet. What this usually means is the favourite, according to oddsmakers, has a higher probability of winning. The higher the number the higher their probability and vice versa. Underdogs essentially have more value just based on the return but are the more likely loser.

Once you get the hang of betting the money line, you can also look beyond to betting on props like how much a team will win by. These usually return more than a straight bet but have a lesser chance of cashing because it’s more difficult to predict.

The Bulls have been perennial playoff contenders although on occasion they will have some rebuilding seasons where they lose a lot of games. As such, statistically they have had more wins than losses in recent years. The key is to navigate their season history and see how well they do on the money line and if they are able to win as oddsmakers expect or if they are a better underdog team. Figuring this out will give you a solid edge.